XMod Pro Module Licensing Information

The licensing was designed to help sustain the growth of the module as well as to allow everyone to benefit by building a market based on the product. There are a number of key elements you should be aware of regarding the license: DNN installations vs portals, licenses vs activations, and Upgrade Protection.

DNN Installations vs. Portals

DotNetNuke® allows you to run many portals (i.e. websites) on a single DNN instance (DotNetNuke installation). This is called portal virtualization. The sites appear to come from different places, but underneath they’re all the same single DotNetNuke instance. This is a major feature of DNN and you can benefit from this if you’re delivering hosted services to multiple customers and websites. The installation is managed by the ‘Host’ or Superuser account. He or she also installs the modules and other extensions. So an installed module will, in principle, run on all your portals. Each license you purchase entitles you to install XMod Pro on a single DNN installation. You are not required to purchase a license for each individual portal.

Licenses vs Activations

The license you buy permits you to use XMod Pro in a single production environment. Most customers, however, need to also test the site before going to production. By default, we permit this type of installation on the same license as the production server. Because every XMod Pro module needs to be activated to work, you get a default of 2 activations upon purchase of the product; one for the staging server, one for production. If you feel you need more activations, please contact us by email with an explanation and we can increase your counter. Finally, when addressed through http://localhost the DNN module works fully without the need for activation. This was done to help developers use it on their local machine.

Upgrade Protection

XMod Pro is offered with one year of "upgrade protection." This means that, within 1 year of your purchase, when we release a new version of XMod Pro, be it a minor bug fix or a major new version, you can download and install it free of charge. Plus, if you have purchased additional client licenses, you may upgrade them free of charge. Each year, we will remind you to renew your subscription. 

If you do choose to renew your subscription, you will continue to receive any released versions of XMod Pro during the subscription period and you will be entitled to upgrade your client licensed installs as well. If you choose not to renew, your software will continue to operate, you just won't be entitled to new updates.