Take XMod Pro for a Test Drive

Request An XMod Pro Trial


Trial License Information  (Click on each topic to read more)

Once you've been setup for a Trial Version of XMod Pro —

Login to DNNDev.com.

Download the latest version of XMod Pro: Go to https://dnndev.com/Clients/Downloads.

XMod Pro is installed just like any other DNN module.

Installation Instructions can be found at https://dnndev.com/Learn/Guide/Article/Installation-of-XMod-Pro-for-DNN.

There are Two Ways to Implement your XMod Pro Trial —

Localhost Implementation: If you are installing XMod Pro on localhost (http://localhost), for development purposes, there is no need to activate your trial. The module is fully functional for development purposes when run under localhost. Additionally, localhost implementation does not have a time restriction.

Activation of Trial License: Activate XMod Pro if you will be using it in a non-localhost environment. When you activate the trial license, you will have 21 days of use.
The trial activation process can be found at https://dnndev.com/Learn/Guide/Article/Activating-a-Trial-License.

You can contact us through our Separate Support site with your Questions: Go To DNNDev Support