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Develop complete module solutions for DNN in a fraction of the time!

XMod Pro runs on DNN 5.x through 9.0
and is compatible with Windows SQL Azure Database.

Discover XMod Pro, The Book

Discover XMod Pro is a comprehensive online book, with over 50 chapters and 14+ hours of exclusive XMod Pro content. Authored by Patrick Ryan , owner of Reflect Media Group and certified XMod Pro trainer, Discover XMod Pro is engineered to skyrocket your XMod Pro development skills!

XMod Pro 4.7 for DotNetNuke (DNN) and Evoq apps

XMod Pro 4.7 - DNN's Most Powerful Form Builder since 2004

Not simply a Form Builder, XMod Pro is the only complete application builder for DNN. XMod Pro is the only module that enables you to build a complete application in as little as a few minutes, complete with the ability to add, edit, delete and display your data - all in one module.

This version is packed so you'll want to check it out.
Among the Highlights:
1) XMod Pro Exchange integration: Now you can browse the free community exchange of solutions, forms, templates, and feeds and install many of them directly from within XMod Pro's Control Panel.
2) Multi-Forms: Now you specify what form to use for your add and edit buttons. So, if you have a grid of authors and one of books in your template, you can provide add/edit buttons to modify the data for each.
3) Numerous bug fixes and tweaks we've been collecting.

Read all about the additions and fixes in our latest article: Read Article


build anything

XMod Pro is a rapid development interface that enables developers to build virtually any type of custom solution for DNN(DotNetNuke), with no programming experience.

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Browse the new DNNDev and pack-in the XMod Pro knowledge with an ever growing set of tutorials, videos, and articles as well as free module kits to jump-start your next project.

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Join our vibrant and friendly community of users. Get your questions answered by real people, using XMod Pro "in the trenches". You can even submit ideas for future versions!

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Whether it's XMod Pro consulting, one-on-one training, custom site design, or website development, we've got you covered. We can even write custom extensions to meet your specific needs.

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The XMod Pro Exchange

The XMod Pro Exchange is a brand new website feature that will make building solutions with XMod Pro even faster and easier. The XMod Pro Community has come together to provide this excellent Exchange of solutions, snippets, and how-to's to help you build solutions with XMod Pro more quickly than ever before. Everyone can contribute. This means YOU! Help out a fellow XModder and make a name for yourself in the process.

XMod Pro Exchange

Discover XMod Pro

We're excited to let you know about the new book written by community member and certified XMod Pro trainer Patrick Ryan. Whether you're a web developer, graphic designer or even a database administrator, having the confidence to develop applications efficiently is a priceless reward. Patrick will teach you how to build custom module solutions with DNN and XMod Pro by walking you through a complete application from start to finish!

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In The News

  • XMod Pro 4.7.6 Released

    Hi XModders!
    We're happy to announce that XMod Pro version 4.7.6 has been released. Since the DNN world has seen some security issues and fixes lately, we wanted to emphasize that this release is NOT a security fix. There are no known security issues with XMod Pro.
    This is just a normal update fixing a few bugs.

    Before You Install... This release has an assembly date associated with it (07/10/2017). Ensure that your license is still active as of that date before installing. Otherwise the software will not function. To renew your license or check on its status, visit your Subscription Management Page

  • We want to welcome Buck Anderson (of JiveMedia Group) back to the DNNDev and XMod Pro community!

    You may remember Buck as the DNNProfessor . He has been a devoted user of XMod and XMod Pro since 2004.

    Read Buck's latest article: Code Your Passion with XMod Pro .

    Please join us in welcoming Buck back. We look forward to seeing his many XMod Pro article contributions in 2017.

  • XMod Pro User Group Google+ Hangout Details

    We have a page where you can find Summaries of the online XMod Pro User Group Google+ Hangouts.

    Each Hangout listing includes a Short Description of what was discussed along with the air date, speakers' names, tags, and links to the YouTube videos. Additionally, each YouTube video includes a Timeline in either the description or comments.

    User Group Details: http://dnndev.com/Community/user-group .

    If you have any thoughts, ideas, or would like to present at a future user group meeting, send Kelly an email at kford(at)dnndev(dot)com.

  • DNNDev YouTube Channel

    All of our XMod Pro online User Group meetings are available for viewing on our DNNDev YouTube Channel.

    Watch our May 2016 XMod Pro online User Group Meeting Hangout at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsor5yzQaxE

    We had two guest speakers: Paras Daryanani shared a real estate website that he built using XMod Pro and Ryan Moore presented Part 3 in his series 'XMod Pro Error Messages - What They Mean and How to Troubleshoot Them'.

    Come check out all of our videos! To view the videos, go to: https://www.youtube.com/user/dnndevcom .

  • XMod Pro is a DNN EVOQ Preferred Product!

    We are pleased to announce XMod Pro has been named a DNN EVOQ Preferred Product.

    DNN recently announced the start of their new Evoq Preferred Products Program and the XMod Pro module is one of the first to be included in their new program. What this means is that XMod Pro has met certain quality and compatibility standards set by DNN. As an established vendor for more than 10 years, we take pride in providing a quality product and we're always striving to add greater value to our customers.

    XMod Pro is available at the DNN Store for purchase. Our existing customers with active subscriptions as of January 18, 2016 can download and install the latest version of XMod Pro from our Downloads page .


    Visit the DNNDev University - The DNNDev University makes it easier to find answers to your questions. It enables you to ask questions, provide answers, engage in discussions, read articles, write articles, view videos and more - and get credit for doing so.

    So check out the DNNDev University and explore DNNDev.com. Engage, learn, have fun... then Go Build Something .

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