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Steve Krantzman

Steve Krantzmananswered the question Form: <calendarbutton> click enters current date and time</calendarbutton>

Jeff, Did you ever come up with the answer you were looking for? Part of you question depends upon the Data Type of the the target field. It needs to be a "datetime" data type not just a "date" data type. My question to you would be why are you using …

22 hours ago

Steve Krantzman

Steve Krantzmananswered the question Display Time only with AM/PM

Jen, You are almost there <xmod:Format Type="Date" Value='[[starttime]]' Pattern="hh:mm tt" /> what is the Data Type for [[starttime]], date, time, datetime? The reason I am asking is that I almost always use datetime, and just extract what I …

1 day ago

Jen Sharp

Jen Sharpasked the question: Display Time only with AM/PM

I have a datetime field that I want to display in a template using the AM/PM format. I have this: <xmod:Format Type="Date" Value='[[starttime]]' Pattern="hh:mm a" /> And also tried Pattern="hh:mm aa" but I can't seem to get the AM/PM to work. Is …

1 day ago

Kelly Ford

Kelly Fordcreated the topic: XMod Pro 4.9.3 Released

I'm happy to announce the release of XMod Pro v.4.9.3. This release fixes two issues related that have popped up on more recent versions of DNN. If you are running DNN 9.2 or later we recommend upgrading. FIXED: DNN Search Integration stopped working in …

2 weeks ago

Kelly Ford

Kelly Fordcreated the topic: Search Integration Issue in DNN 9.6+

We've received a report that XMod Pro's DNN Search Integration is not functioning correctly in versions of DNN beginning with 9.6.2, though it may affect 9.6.0+. Our tests indicate it does work correctly with DNN 9.5.x. Our investigation thus far …

1 month ago

  • Kelly FordGood News! I think we've finally cracked the nut. We have a new version of XMP available that should fix the indexing issue for sites running DNN 9.6 and later. If anyone would like to try it out before we release, open a ticket at https://support.dnndev.com. 1 month ago
Kelly Ford

Kelly Fordanswered the question How to reload Add form after successful entry?

Hi Michael, If you put a link on that success view pointing to the page, does that work? Kelly

2 months ago

Michael Vernon

Michael Vernonearned the privilege Edit own questions, answers, & comments

Earned the Edit own questions, answers, & comments privilege!
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2 months ago

Michael Vernon

Michael Vernonasked the question: How to reload Add form after successful entry?

Hi Xmod group, I have an Xmod admin form that just adds an entry to a non-DNN table. It works fine, and I added the Success Template to thank the operator and continue. But after clicking continue, the empty form will not reappear to add the next entry. …

2 months ago


SIT NZcreated the topic: Xmod search integration doesn't work with Dnn9.8

I have a customized Xmod module was searchable(can be indexed) by Dnn 9.5, you can see the title and content form Dnn search result page. But It doesn't work after we upgrade our website to Dnn9.8. My case is quite similar to the article: https://dnndev …

2 months ago

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  • Melinda (DNNDev)@SIT NZ,

    We are looking into this issue .

    fyi - We just responded to your support ticket #4697 on our separate DNNDev support site.

    Melinda2 months ago
  • SIT NZ@Melinda (DNNDev) Hey Melinda, thank you for replying, please let me know if anything, that is a pain for us. 2 months ago
Mike Palmer

Mike Palmercreated the topic: Write to DB using api call..

Hi Community, I am trying out an idea with a server hosted on my local network at home. The project involves using a UIPath bot to fetch my IPv4 address from Google (I have a dynamic IP at home) and then checking that against a database table of the last …

2 months ago

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  • Kelly FordHi Mike,

    We often think of Feeds as read-only. In reality you can use them to write data to the DB as well. Just have your ListDataSource perform an UPDATE or INSERT SQL statement using parameters you've passed-in (i.e. the IP) . All you need to do is remember to return a value (it can be any value. I often simply return the number 1 to my callers) to keep the feed from presenting an error.

    Kelly 2 months ago
  • Mike PalmerKelly,

    Thank you for your comment - very helpful. I was able to get both feeds working to perfection. The bot retrieves the current IP address from Google (What is my ip) and compares it to the last known IP in the DB (using an XMOD Feed) and then changes my DNS Settings if it needs to, then finally writes the new IP to the DB using another feed.

    The bot checks the IP address once a day, and does all of the necessary management.

    I have another question about DNN, but will em ...1 month ago