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SIT NZcreated the topic: Xmod SendIf special characters in expression

Can you use special characters in the Email SendIF comparison e.g. an email address? It works for a number or string without special characters from my testing. But it would be nice to have the user select the email as a value in the select list and send …

2 days ago


Stephanasked the question: Cannot pass parameter to AddForm

Hi, I am trying to pass a value into an AddForm from a Template but the value is not being passed/retrieved. What am I doing wrong? Here is the "AddLink" with a parameter in the template: <xmod:AddLink Text="New"> <Parameter Name="UserID" …

4 days ago


Stephanasked the question: Form & Template style

Hi, How do I styletemplates and forms to use my site's current theme/stylesheets? Thanks

6 days ago

Mark Guercio

Mark Guercioanswered the question Replace in URL join string

Haven't tested, but maybe Format/Encode/Decode? <xmod:Format Type="Numeric|Float|Date|Text|RegEx|Cloak|HtmlEncode|HtmlDecode|UrlEncode|UrlDecode" Value=" string " Pattern=" string " Replacement=" string " MaxLength=" integer " …

1 week ago


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1 week ago

Mark Trippier

Mark Trippierasked the question: Replace in URL join string

Hi, I have the following string to redirect to after an update of a form. If the user puts a space in the content_name field it fails, e.g. ("my name") - what I want to do is replace all spaces with "%20" (percentsign twenty) e.g. ("my%20name") as the …

2 weeks ago


Brownearned the privilege Create unmoderated replies

Earned the Create unmoderated replies privilege!
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2 weeks ago


Browncreated the topic: New to Xmod Need help with: Form Compilation Error

I am new to using Xmod, i was following the step-by-step guide to the module: 1. I built a simple Datsbase table using the Datebase Tools, a simple 8 column table, all columns with variable length text. 2. I built the Form under Manage Forms, 8 fields …

2 weeks ago

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  • Patrick Ryan@ Brown Can't help but to plug myself here, but please take a look at the free chapters here: https://discoverxmodpro.com . That in combination with the guide you started will get you going very quickly and resolve a lot of your questions. 2 weeks ago
  • Brown@Kelly Ford Thanks for your help that works and got me going.

    I do have one last question. If i created a Database table in the Database tools section of the Control panel when i was setting this xmod up, and now i need to add another column to the table. There is not a way to do that in the Database tool, correct? I now have to edit that table on the backend of the website. Just wa ...1 week ago
  • Anonymous@ Brown You're correct. The Database Tool is for quick prototyping/solutions. It is designed to create tables but not edit and manage them. 1 week ago
Doug Blackmon

Doug Blackmoncreated the topic: How to retrieve an individual record through a URL

Ok I have scoured for hours on the site looking for something close to what I am needing to do. I would think this is something native to Xmod but I am not sure what you would call it. Is there a way to generate and distribute a link that you could email …

3 weeks ago