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Steve Krantzman

Steve Krantzmancreated the topic: XMP-Snippets for VS Code

If you have not discovered them yet, I created some XMP snippets for Visual Studio Code so that you can quickly create and/or edit your XMP forms and templates in VS Code. You can read about them here: XMP-Snippets-for-VS-Code! I would like to use this …

5 days ago

  • Mike PalmerThis sounds brilliant - I have already downloaded the Extension. I'll feedback my suggestions once I get into it. THANK YOU!

    Mike.8 hours ago
Jeff M.

Jeff M.answered the question MJPG Camera View within Template

We can just add the img source to be the stream and it works for Opera, Chrome and Firefox. But of course, IE doesn't support mjpg, so we need to configure the javascript code to work properly within IE. But attempting to use the code as such, it …

1 week ago

Jeff M.

Jeff M.asked the question: MJPG Camera View within Template

Hello.. Trying to get a MJPG video stream working within a XMP Template. You can view the code here: http://dnndev.com/fiddle/fid/752 And this is what the HTML code looks like within Firebug: http://dnndev.com/fiddle/fid/753 It doesn't look like …

1 week ago

Kelly Ford

Kelly Fordanswered the question Link a Contact Us form to an Acknowledgement Template?

Hi Santiago, On the Manage Forms page, locate the form you created. You'll see the type of form as "Auto Layout". Click this link and it will: 1) make a copy of that form (for backup purposes) and 2) convert that form to a custom HTML layout form. At …

2 weeks ago

Santiago Perez

Santiago Perezearned the privilege Edit any question or answer or comment

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2 weeks ago

Santiago Perez

Santiago Perezasked the question: Link a Contact Us form to an Acknowledgement Template?

I've made a form based on the video tutorial https://www.dnndev.com/learn/videos/vid/5/video/xmod-pro-form-builder-tour-contact-us-form I'm would like to wire up a template to show the Acknowledgement of the form being submitted like in the example: …

2 weeks ago


Anonymouscreated the topic: An error occurred while processing post-submit actions

I've created a C# class library project/solution that binds to my database table. I've set an Action tag that calls into my assembly. When I fill the form and press Submit, I receive the error in the above title in the DNN admin logs. How do I resolve …

3 weeks ago

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  • Kelly FordThis is not the intended use of an Action. The Action occurs *after* the form has been submitted and the form data has been saved to the database (i.e. the SubmitCommand). The Action, at that point, can perform additional work with the form data (save it to another table, write it out to a log, etc.) and can modify the data for use by the Email tag and the Redirect tag, if those are used. So you could change a value the Redirect tag can use to determine which page to redirect to - a special erro ...3 weeks ago
  • Kelly Ford@ webdbapps I don't know the specifics of what you're trying to do, but it sounds like you're getting info from the user via a form, sending that info to an API, retrieving its response and then saving that info to the database and sending that info to the user.

    I think the easiest way would be to use simply store that API response in the DB as part of your Action and then send ...3 weeks ago
  • Kelly FordYou can create a fiddle to display your code: http://dnndev.com/Fiddle/My-Fiddles2 weeks ago
Kelly Ford

Kelly Fordanswered the question How to Wire Up Submit Button Click Event to C# Program?

Hi Childers, I typically use one of two approaches: 1) Create a custom DNN Scheduled task that periodically checks the DB for changes and runs code in response; 2) Create a custom XMP Form Action that runs code when the form is successfully submitted. …

1 month ago


Anonymousasked the question: How to Wire Up Submit Button Click Event to C# Program?

I've created a table i my DNN database to store onboarding data and an XMP Form to gather and validate requested information. When the user clicks the XMP Submit Button, how do I trigger my custom C# program that, in turn, reads from the Onboarding …

1 month ago

Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryananswered the question DNN question, not XMOD Pro

I've never had to do this but I've toyed with the idea in the past due to a project I was considering. I was going to setup a mailbox, and run a scheduled job that checked that actual mailbox via pop every few minutes. There are some mail parsing …

1 month ago