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Professional Custom DNN Forms Made Easy

XMod Pro makes it a breeze to create highly styled, professional forms in DNN and Evoq like the one shown below. Even better, they are automatically linked to the table of your choice in your DotNetNuke database. With Custom Forms built in XMod Pro, collecting the information you need from users is easy!

Sample DotNetNuke (DNN) form

Generate a Custom Form in Five Simple Steps:

  1. Give your form a name and select your database table from a drop-down list
  2. Click to select which columns will be included as fields in your form
  3. Drag and drop to establish the order the inputs / controls will appear
  4. Select a pre-built theme or one of your custom themes
  5. Click "Create Form"

Innovative Form Builder Does the Heavy Lifting for You

With the ease of a point-and-click, AJAX based interface, you can take one of your DNN database tables, select the columns you want to include, drag-n-drop to re-order them, change the layout, add a theme, and see all your changes dynamically reflected with Live Preview. You'll be amazed by how quickly you can build data entry forms with the Form Builder. Check out the demo:

Click to See the XMod Pro Form Builder generate forms for DotNetNuke.

Form Features

  • Form Builder:
    Generate Forms for DotNetNuke in a snap! Build your form with ease of drag & drop and style it in minutes with the integrated design/style of JQuery UI.
  • Custom Themes & Styles For Forms:
    Use one of the included themes or roll-your-own using the jQuery UI ThemeRoller, a point and click way to create a theme that matches your site exactly.
  • Full Set of Controls:
    See below for our set of form controls. We continually enhance our controls and add to them based on customer feedback.
  • Customizable Data Sources:
    The Form Builder, if you use it, will get you started with the necessary data commands for your form, but you can easily modify them to fit your needs. You have complete control over the data for the form. You get a Select command that executes when the form first loads - useful for pre-populating the form with existing or default values - and a Submit command that executes when the user submits the form. These commands can be standard SQL commands or stored procedures - and they take parameters. Parameters can come from hard-coded values, POSTed values, and values from the URL.
  • Data-Bound Controls:
    All input controls can be automatically bound to your data. Plus, you can link list controls to separate queries, making it easy to setup "lookup" records or relationships between records in different tables for dropdown lists, multi-select lists, etc.
  • Custom Controls:
    If you can build ASP.NET controls you can build controls that plugin to XMod Pro forms.
  • Use your own HTML and CSS:
    Tweak the form builder-built form or build your own. You have complete control to layout and style your form. Create super DNN forms with exactly the style, layout, organization and look that you need. Easily enhance and modify the form code with your own HTML tweaks, JQuery enhancements and CSS styles and rules.
  • Add your own Javascript:
    Become a form master! Add interactivity to your form with JavaScript functions and third party libraries. XMod Pro gives you a number of helper tools to make JavaScript / jQuery / AJAX integration easy.
  • Send Email Notifications:
    You can define one or more email templates which can be sent when the user submits the form. Emails can be sent to multiple addresses, can have a file attachment, and contain data that was submitted in the form. It is easy for you to receive email notifications when a form is completed and to send out multiple email alerts and auto-responders to users and more.
  • Localization:
    Fully localizable. Labels and data can be localized. You can even have distinct forms and different data commands for each language and XMod Pro will dynamically load the form based on the current language. This allows you to present a different layout or different set of controls and data commands based on the user's current locale.
  • Redirect After Submission:
    Optionally define a URL to send your users to after submitting the form. Data from the form can be sent as URL parameters or sent as POST parameters.
  • Success Messages:
    Thank your user for their submission, provide additional links and more. Use text, HTML and data from the form to present your users with a message after they've submitted the form. You can even define a message when adding and a separate message when updating a record.
  • Use Dynamic Values In Your Forms:
    Use dynamic 'run-time' values from the environment in your controls and in your data. Pre-fill a feedback form with the DotNetNuke user's name and email address, for instance. There's a large list of variables that you can work with such as tokens for: the current user's DotNetNuke UserID, email address and more from the DNN Users table, any custom user profile property that is created (from the DNN UserProfile table), DNN system values such as the Portal ID, page/tabID, the user's IP address, and much more.
  • Separate Add and Edit Forms:
    Many times you may want to change the look of your form or modify how it functions based on whether the user is initially adding/creating new records or when they are editing existing data. XMod Pro enables you to define a separate form for each and will automatically load the correct one based on the current editing mode.
  • Live Preview:
    See how your form will look by previewing it. You can even trigger validation to verify that your validation works and the messages display as expected.
  • Online Help:
    When editing a form, help is a click away. Need to remember the syntax for a particular control? Choose it from the drop-down list and the complete help topic pops-up, complete with syntax, usage notes, attribute descriptions, and an example.

Powerful Form Controls

Input Controls Selection Controls Validation Controls
Textbox Listbox Required Field Validator
Textarea Dropdown List Comparison Validator
Date Input Checkbox List Range Validator
Password Input Radio Button List Regular Expression Validator
HTML Input Checkbox Email Validator
Display/Organizational Controls Radio Button CAPTCHA
Label Calendar (Date Picker) Validation Summary
Text Injection Dependent (Cascading) Lists  
Panel (with Role-Based Visibility) Dual List  
Tabstrip File Upload  
Built-in Form Controls: Use the default set of powerful form controls to build a variety of different types of forms and functionality. Mouseover each item for further examples and details for the form elements.

Create Custom Form Controls: Need a specialty control for your form? Create your own! You can build ASP.NET server controls to work inside XMod Pro forms.

DNN Forms

Build Any Type of Form in DNN (DotNetNuke)

What kind of dynamic, customized DNN Forms do you need to make with XMod Pro and the custom Form Builder?

Build the following kinds of forms for your DotNetNuke website:

  • Contact form (Contact Us / Inquiry Form)
  • Email signup form (mailing list & newsletter signup forms)
  • Online survey form
  • Questionnaires
  • Polls
  • Download request form
  • Event registration form (scheduling forms)
  • User registration form
  • Workflow / approval process form
  • Application form
  • Order form
  • User feedback form (comments & suggestions submission forms)
  • Customer support form
  • Data collection form