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Build Anything in DotNetNuke with XMod Pro modules!

What kind of dynamic, customized DNN module are you looking for? You can search for modules built by others, or you can built the perfect solution yourself with XMod Pro!

When you create it yourself, you can tailor it to exactly fit your needs for design, layout, actions, functionality and more. Easily build the following kinds of module functionality for your DotNetNuke website:

  • DotNetNuke news module
  • DotNetNuke search module
  • DotNetNuke calendar module
  • DotNetNuke SEO enhancement module
  • DotNetNuke banner module
  • DotNetNuke events listing module
  • DotNetNuke photo gallery module
  • DotNetNuke slideshow module
  • DotNetNuke documents module
  • DotNetNuke product catalog module
  • DotNetNuke business directory module
  • DotNetNuke blog module
  • DotNetNuke survey module
  • DotNetNuke contact form module
  • DotNetNuke youTube video listing module
  • DotNetNuke reports module
  • DotNetNuke registration module
  • DotNetNuke FAQ module
  • DotNetNuke knowledgebase module
  • DotNetNuke links module
  • DotNetNuke announcement module
  • DotNetNuke media module
  • DotNetNuke repository module
  • DotNetNuke wiki module
  • DotNetNuke booking & reservation module
  • DotNetNuke quotes & testimonials module
  • DotNetNuke Google Maps module
  • DotNetNuke bulk upload module
  • DotNetNuke video player
  • DotNetNuke bulk emailer
  • DotNetNuke opt-in email signup module
  • DotNetNuke user directory module
  • DotNetNuke news/article module
  • DotNetNuke real estate listing module
  • DotNetNuke contact list module
  • DotNetNuke polls & questionnaire module
  • DotNetNuke classifieds listings
  • DotNetNuke feedback & customer support module
  • DotNetNuke bulk user editor
  • DotNetNuke help desk & issue system module
  • DotNetNuke content RSS feed module
  • DotNetNuke site map module
  • DotNetNuke ratings and comments module
  • DotNetNuke link tracker & ad campaign tracking module
  • DotNetNuke portfolio module
  • DotNetNuke request a quote module
  • DotNetNuke tabbed content module
  • DotNetNuke data review & export module
  • DotNetNuke charts & graphs module
  • DotNetNuke reports module
  • DotNetNuke zip & location finder
  • DotNetNuke news ticker / scroller
  • DotNetNuke lightbox / graybox / content popup module


Unleash Your DotNetNuke Data with XMod Pro

Your data is trapped - inside the DotNetNuke database or another external SQL Server database. Perhaps it's trapped by a module with limited display or reporting features. Perhaps you need to view data from two different databases side by side. XMod Pro is the DotNetNuke module you need.

Build Your Own Custom DNN Solutions

Combine the limitless display capabilities of XMod Pro templates and layout features with your custom SQL commands and the ability to access different SQL databases and you've got a data display and reporting tool that can't be beat.

Combine Data From Different DNN Modules

You can even use XMod Pro to enhance other Dot Net Nuke modules you have installed. For instance, create a list of recent posts from ActiveForums or a report on the download activity from Document Exchange (DMX), or pull data from your Blog module, combine it with the latest news articles and list of events to create your own custom What's New? Module for DNN.

Create Customized DotNetNuke Forms, Lists, Displays & More with XMod Pro

Imagine creating replacements for DNN core modules as well as Improvements and Enhancements for Other Dot Net Nuke modules! Once you have used the Form Builder and Database tools, you’ll realize that the possibilities are endless! By using the XMod Pro module, you can:

  • replace the DNN core Survey Module
  • replace the DNN core Feedback Module
  • replace the DNN core Form and List Module
  • enhance other DNN modules by working directly with their records and database tables by creating custom “data mash-ups”, combining records from different modules, creating reports and exports, additional “featured items” or “newest 5 items” lists and more!

Here are a few of the millions of things you can do with XMod Pro

  • Provide your sales team with a custom view of all registered users in DotNetNuke (DNN)- displaying their full name and address. Allow them to filter on city or state and sort by the date the user last visited. DNN doesn't provide this capability, but XMod Pro makes it easy.
  • Display the five most recent posts to your forums on the home page and link to the individual posts.
  • Create your own What's New module for DNN that pulls blog posts from the Blog module, recent forum threads from the ActiveForums module, and recent uploads from Bring2Mind's DMX document exchange module for DNN.
  • Create a product catalog module that pulls data from your inventory database running on a separate SQL Server and displays images stored on your web server.
  • Create a slideshow banner for your home page.
  • The possibilities are endless

Virtually Limitless Ways to Display Your Data

XMod Pro Slideshow

XMod Pro Data List Grid

Custom DNN Module Solutions

Custom DNN Module Solutions

Custom DNN Form And List Templates

  • Quick-Start Tools Get You Results - No Coding Required
    You can literally create a fully-functional display of your data in a few clicks. Out-of-the-box, you can create tables, numbered lists, bullet lists, lists of paragraphs, and more. These solutions are complete - you get a paged list view of your data, a detail view of your data, plus all the buttons and 'wiring' needed to view details, edit records, and delete them. Since you use your own HTML, you can build just about any kind of display you need. Here are just a few of them: Single Record/Detail Views, Tables, Numbered Lists, Bullet Lists, Comma-Delimited Lists, Listboxes, Drop-down lists, paragraphs, HTML
    tags, and much more. Plus we're adding new view types all the time like the new Slideshow and DataList views. These give you advanced functionality without having to
  • Use Your Own HTML for A Customized Layout
    You can take the starter display created by one of our tools and enhance it with your own HTML or build your own layout from scratch. The standard, core view in XMod Pro allows you to add your own HTML to structure the layout of your data in whatever way you see fit. You can achieve clean semantic HTML and more easily target elements with CSS and JavaScript.
  • Add Your Own CSS and JavaScript
    Add CSS class names to XMod Pro components and any HTML you add, inject CSS stylesheets into the page, inject JavaScript include files as well as inline script too. In other words, you have enormous freedom when it comes to customizing the look, feel, and interactivity of the layout.
  • Multiple Views In A Single Module
    Original to XMod Pro, this innovative feature allows you to craft a more complete application experience. You can mix and match multiple views in one module instance and lay them out with HTML. Even better, clicking a button in one view can trigger updates to one or more other views.
  • Slideshow View
    New to v. 2.5 - This view makes it a snap to display your images in a professional cross-fade presentation - no need to add HTML, JavaScript or CSS. The Slideshow view does it for you.
  • DataList View
    New to v.2.5 - While you can achieve a "liquid" horizontal layout of records using the standard view using CSS there are times when you need to ensure only a certain number of columns will be displayed in each row - for a product or image gallery, for instance. We've added DataList view to accommodate that. Within the view, you can also specify the direction the records will be placed into the grid (left-to-right, then top-to-bottom or top-to-bottom, then left to right).
  • Searching, Sorting, and Paging Built In
    Provide XMod Pro with a little information about your data and it will setup a search box and sort box for your data. Paging is automatic. All of these features are customizable. Advanced searching is possible by passing values into the page via the URL or POST. Create a custom search form using XMod Pro and use that to perform an advanced search.
  • Localization
    You can detect and react to the current locale to retrieve localized content. XMod Pro can dynamically load a different view based on the current locale. Plus, XMod Pro's Format tag enables you to format dates and currency according to the current locale.
  • Use Your Own Data Commands and Stored Procedures
    Our quick-start tools get you started with the SQL commands to retrieve, edit, and delete your data, but you can use your own commands and/or stored procedures. You can use 'runtime' values (Portal ID, User ID, User IP address, etc.) to help filter your data as well as retreive OUTPUT parameters from your stored procedures for use in your displays.
  • Display and/or Filter Using Dynamic Values
    Work with the user's email address, name, ID, custom profile properties, the portal's ID, user's IP address, etc. Filter and/or sort your data based on one or more URL values or POST'ed values too.
  • Role-Based Permissions Built-In
    Determine who can add, edit, delete, and even view details.
  • Multiple Data Sources
    Grab data from the DNN database or an external SQL Server database.
  • Enhance SEO Capabilities with MetaTags
    XMod Pro gives you the ability to dynamically add-to or change the page's Title, Keywords, and Description. Use hard-coded values, environmental data, or data from the database.
Powerful Template Controls
View Controls Buttons
Template Command Button/Image/Link
Slideshow Detail Button/Image/Link
Data List Edit Button/Image/Link
Pager Delete Button/Image/Link
Search/Sort Redirect Button/Image/Link
Specialty Controls Return Button/Image/Link
Meta Tags - Dynamically update your page's Title, Keywords, and Description. A great aid to Search Engine Optimization
Script Block - Injects JavaScript and CSS into the page
Format - Text, Numbers, Currency, and Dates. Plus, cloak email addresses from bots.


What Our Customers Are Saying

"I just created a template from a table in 3 seconds! Awesome Release!"
-- Angus Beare, Gus Caraway Design
"...every time I think 'How will I do that', I just read the manual and a ready made solution usually exists... once mastered it has a superb and simple flow to it which allows you to build just about anything. A product worthy of full ratings."
-- Robin McM (via DotNetNuke The Store)