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Getting Good Answers

How do you get good answers to your questions?  Ask good questions. That means:

  1. Good Titles: Give your question a concise but informative title. Rather than "Email Forms", use "Sending multiple emails from forms".
  2. Do Your Research: Check out the XMod Pro help file, the XMod Pro Guide on this site, do a search in this Answers forum. Members are friendly and more than happy to help, but it's good etiquette to show you've done your homework.
  3. Is It Answerable? Your question should be practical and answerable. Provide clear and accurate details about your specific problem. Be sure to include all the pertinent information or links to images and examples. 
  4. Show Your Appreciation: If someone correctly answers your question, come back and ACCEPT the answer. That gives them points and helps others know it was a correct answer. If members know you'll accept an answer, they'll be more likely to spend time on your next question(s).
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5 Answers
Filter data in view based on a variable

I have a form on the top of a page and a view below that. The form has a dropdown list. I would like to filter the view based on the selection from the dropdown list. Is there a way to do this?

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2 Answers
javaScript in Tempalte - Value from DB for script

Hello.. I'm trying to use a value from the DB as a variable, but can't get this working. I'm sure it's something simple, but can't get get this working. Manually entering the value works fine. Thanks..

Author: Jeff M.
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1 Answers
Send variable

Hi XModers, I learn different ways to send data via jQuery / Ajax, but now i have a new dilemma on hands. We have a Drop down list selection, after selection we have some fields to fill or select, when you complete all you have to click submit, until …

Author: Juan Tarte
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3 Answers
Redirect to previous page from Add/Cancel ?

There should be a simple method to do this without resorting to JS... I have tried using the [[Request:Referrer]] token directly in the Cancel redirect= and this does not work. I have tried storing the [[Request:Referrer]] in a hidden field and calling …

Author: Roy Barrow
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2 Answers
DNNPE v7.3.2 - Converting URL, removing variables

I have a page that has a resulting template displayed in it.  The results have a hyperlink which points to another page with a template that displays the information. The URL has the variables to display the information. Today in testing, noticed …

Author: Jeff M.
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