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How do you get good answers to your questions?  Ask good questions. That means:

  1. Good Titles: Give your question a concise but informative title. Rather than "Email Forms", use "Sending multiple emails from forms".
  2. Do Your Research: Check out the XMod Pro help file, the XMod Pro Guide on this site, do a search in this Answers forum. Members are friendly and more than happy to help, but it's good etiquette to show you've done your homework.
  3. Is It Answerable? Your question should be practical and answerable. Provide clear and accurate details about your specific problem. Be sure to include all the pertinent information or links to images and examples. 
  4. Show Your Appreciation: If someone correctly answers your question, come back and ACCEPT the answer. That gives them points and helps others know it was a correct answer. If members know you'll accept an answer, they'll be more likely to spend time on your next question(s).
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Links modules replacement - Drop-down Files list

You can get rid of the addlink and just use some jQuery. This is off the cuff so pardon any potential errors.

Author: Jeff M.
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1 Answers
Use Dropdown DataTextField value in Email

I have a basic dropdown with: DataTextField="DisplayName" DataTextValue="UserID" In the SubmitCommand I am saving the UserID to the database, but in the email confirmation, I want to send the DisplayName (because obviously the UserID means nothing to …

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Dropdown List

How do I set a default for option? <xmod:Template UsePaging="False" Ajax="False"> <ListDataSource CommandText="SELECT DISTINCT CurrentPayrollTitle FROM PDStaffImport ORDER BY CurrentPayrollTitle ASC"/> <HeaderTemplate> <select …

Author: Abel
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1 Answers
Dropdown List in Edit form not populating

Have a VERY simple form with a dropdown list on it. 1> Add process works great...not a problem. 2> Edit process works great as far as storing the selected or entered data. 3> On entering the Edit mode, the dropdown does not select the value in …

Author: Roy Barrow
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1 Answers
DropDownList Range Fails for Decimal

I am trying to do a currency compare for minimum wage on a form where visitors enter the hourly rate for their job opening. The code works when someone enters the same layout as the lower range, so if the minimum value is 7.85; values from 7.85 to 9.99 …

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