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Getting Good Answers

How do you get good answers to your questions?  Ask good questions. That means:

  1. Good Titles: Give your question a concise but informative title. Rather than "Email Forms", use "Sending multiple emails from forms".
  2. Do Your Research: Check out the XMod Pro help file, the XMod Pro Guide on this site, do a search in this Answers forum. Members are friendly and more than happy to help, but it's good etiquette to show you've done your homework.
  3. Is It Answerable? Your question should be practical and answerable. Provide clear and accurate details about your specific problem. Be sure to include all the pertinent information or links to images and examples. 
  4. Show Your Appreciation: If someone correctly answers your question, come back and ACCEPT the answer. That gives them points and helps others know it was a correct answer. If members know you'll accept an answer, they'll be more likely to spend time on your next question(s).
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2 Answers
How to add detail records?

Hi David, The custom form control that Patrick mentions is our "Add Another" control which allows you to have a field, let's say, 3 times on a form, with an "add another" plus icon or link which lets you click to add multiple additions of that field. …

Author: Drew
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2 Answers
How to use Redirect via Post?

I have a form I want to submit and then redirect to a related page that needs the primary key of the form I just submitted which is FormID. I have retrieved the FormID from the database using an output parameter and can easily pass the value using a Url …

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1 Answers
Multiple Templates with Add and Edit action

I'm using Mutliple templates in a module to allow me to design the layout better and reduce white space that occurs when using multiple modules.I have multiple templates each related to table data requiring add and edit functionality. How do I …

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3 Answers
How to use a button in a list to add items to a "cart".

I have a design requirement that dictates that an add/plus buttonbe used to add 1 or more items in a list to a “cart”. How is this typicallydone in Xmod? Example somewhere? Ideally clicking the button calls a Stored Procedure passingan item key. The list …

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2 Answers
Add button not displaying for proper "Add" security role

Actually, I found another fix using the Template display roles you mentioned prior.  Doing this within the NoItemsTemplate below works as it should. [xmod:Select Mode="Standard"]   [case Comparetype="Role" Operator="=" Expression="Administrator …

Author: Jeff M.
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