Trial Activation

Localhost Implementation

If you are installing XMod Pro on localhost (http://localhost), for development purposes, there is no need to activate. The module is fully functional for development purposes when run under localhost.

Additionally, localhost implementation does not have a time restriction.

Activation of Trial License

If you activate a trial license, you will have only 14 days of use.

The trial activation process is outlined below.

  • Login to your site as Host/SuperUser

  • Place an XMod Pro module (not an XMod Pro FormView module) on a page. See Installation instructions.

  • Next, Select License and Activation from the module Edit dropdown list.

  • This will bring up the License and Activation page:

  • On the License and Activation page, select Trial License:

  • The Invoice Number textbox will then show the word TRIAL (all caps).

  • Click the Request Activation (Web Service) button:

  • This will then go to our servers and verify your activation. A message will then be displayed underneath the request activation button that shows the "Expires date" and the date that the "Subscription Ends On", along with some other data.

  • Reminder: Trial Activation Expires after 14 days.

  • Click the Update button to save the activation information to your site.

The trial license is now activated and will expire within 14 days.