XMod Pro License Activation

Localhost Implementation

Note: If you are installing XMod Pro on localhost, for development purposes, there is no need to activate. The module is fully functional for development purposes when run under localhost.

XMod Pro License Activation Process

  • Login to your site as Host/SuperUser

  • Place an XMod Pro module (not an XMod Pro FormView module) on a page.

  • Then, Select License and Activation:

  • DNN 7: Select License and Activation - from the module Edit dropdown list

    DNN 6: Select License and Activation - from the "Manage Menu" (also known as the "Actions Menu" in DNN 5)

  • This will bring up the License and Activation page :

  • DNN 7 License and Activation Page:

    DNN 6 License and Activation Page:

    The following steps are the same for DNN 7, 6, and 5x:

  • In the Account textbox, you need to enter the Email Address (not name) associated with your purchase.

  • In the Invoice Number textbox, enter the invoice number associated with your purchase.

  • Click the Request Activation (Web Service) button:

  • This will then go to our servers and verify your activation. A message should be displayed underneath the request activation button that says something to the effect of "activation key checks out" along with some other data.

  • Click the Update button to save the activation information to your site.