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Charles Carroll

Charles Carrollearned the privilege Create unmoderated replies

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3 days ago

Charles Carroll

Charles Carrollcreated the topic: verification email not working The service is unavailable.

I cannot verify my new account. The service is unavailable. when I use the link sent.

3 days ago

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  • Kelly FordHi Charles,

    Sorry for the problems. Send an email to info (at) dnndev (dot) com from your account's email and we'll get you authorized.

    Kelly3 days ago
  • Charles CarrollThanks I am authorized now. ALPA  (Airline Pilot's Association) is going to build 2 dozen Pilot Portals with Evoq so I am demoing this, and recommending this.  I am one of the DNN programmers building modules for them and XMod Pro may be ideal.3 days ago
Mike Palmer

Mike Palmercreated the topic: Can the |<|xmod:MetaTags|>| element be used to create facebook openGraph or twitter card tags?

I am developing a property site for one of my clents, and I want to be able to add FB openGraph and Twitter card tags for SEO / Sharing / Embedding. Can the <xmod:MetaTags> element be used for this? Thanks in advance, Mike Palmer

3 weeks ago

Jeff M.

Jeff M.answered the question JavaScript Assistance - Add Dash between 2nd and 3rd

Was able to get something working properly; updated the code fiddle above to reflect the working change. Thank you..

3 weeks ago

Jeff M.

Jeff M.asked the question: JavaScript Assistance - Add Dash between 2nd and 3rd

Hello.. I have the following form code. For the txtParcelID Textbox, there's been a request by the end users to have a dash automatically added after the second character automatically. I can't seem to get anything working properly. Any help would be …

3 weeks ago

James Allen Hall

James Allen Hallcreated the topic: ISO Simple Tag (Word) Cloud module

Is there a template for displaying a Tag or Word Cloud via Xmod ?

1 month ago

Melinda (DNNDev)

Melinda (DNNDev)answered the question pop up form and refresh on template page

Hi @ Scott L , Would you please share your code in a fiddle? Best, Melinda

1 month ago

Mike O

Mike Ovoted on How can I show a list of child records on the โ€œEditโ€ from of the parent?

<p>Hi James,</p><p>You can't put a template inside a form's module instance, and you can't put a template inside of an edit form.</p><p>You can use one of the following methods:</p><p>1. Feeds<br>You can use a feed that pulls records into the edit form. Examples are found in the articles as well as some live examples on recent user groups. I think October's User Group. So for example, you'd have a jQueryReady block inside your f ...

1 month ago

Scott L

Scott Lasked the question: pop up form and refresh on template page

I am using a pop-up Add Form with a Redirect to the template page on the add button. I need the user to see the updated records when they return to the page. Is this possible? http://dnndev.com/fiddle/fid/771

1 month ago


Rachakondacreated the topic: Remove File using XmodPro Edit form

We recently purchase the latest version of Xmod pro 4.8.0 and we have noticed there are changes in the tag names. We have made the upload file functionality working. But in the newer version, we couldn't find the tags names to remove the uploaded file, …

1 month ago