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Demo XMod Pro Module Features & Solutions

We've created a few demonstrations of XMod Pro features and example custom solutions for you to check out.

Employee Viewer - Multi-View Demonstration

Multi-template capability, original to XMod Pro, allows you to craft whole solutions that operate within a single module instance. This demonstration shows how a company may setup an application to search for employees. The user clicks a department. Doing so, displays a list of employees within that department. The user can then click on an employee and see his or her profile - all within a single custom DNN module.

Employee Viewer - Table/Grid Demonstration

In addition to multiple views of your data, slideshows, etc. XMod Pro can also create attractive, interactive tables and grids to display your data. This one takes the Employee Viewer data and places it in a table with an inline display of the employee's profile.
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Slideshow View Control Demo

Introduced in version 2.5, the slideshow view control makes it a snap to put together professional looking image slideshows. You don't have to write any JavaScript, CSS, or even any HTML. It's self-contained. You simply supply it with a list of image file names from your data source and you get a nice fading slideshow.
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DataList View Control Demo

The DataList view control was introduced in version 2.5 and works in the same way as the standard view control in XMod Pro. The primary difference is that the DataList enables you to display your records in a grid pattern. You specify the maximum number of columns and the display won't exceed that. It's a great, quick way to create gallery-type displays such as image gallery or product gallery displays.
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