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DataList View Control Demo

Example 1: Easily Layout Records In A Grid Pattern

XMod Pro makes it easy to layout your records in a grid pattern using the DataList view control first introduced in version 2.5. This is a simple list of image names. All we did was set the RepeatColumns property of the control to 3. No matter how many records are displayed, there will only be 3 columns. Any extra records begin on new rows.

The DataList control also makes it possible change the order in which records are displayed. See the second demo for an example of this

Example 2: Change the Order of the Layout

By setting the RepeatDirection property to Vertical, we can take the same data and change the order.

In both examples, the images are ordered by their subject's name, in ascending order. In the first example, the records are laid out from left to right then top to bottom like so:

Now, in this example, the layout is top to bottom and then left to right, like so: