Every day, our customers around the world are using XMod Pro to build an incredibly varied portfolio of  DotNetNuke solutions for themselves and their clients. Whether you're building a simple contact form, a news article management system, or something more complex, we've developed these Module Kits to give you a jump-start on your next project and, more importantly, as an educational tool. Feel free to take apart these kits and see how they're put together. Then, use those techniques in your own XMod Pro solutions. Please note that our XMod Pro Module Kits are designed for and, thus, require XMod Pro in order to run.

XMod Pro Module Kits

  • User Registration (for XMP4)

    An example kit to show off the flexibility of the new AddUser User Sign-Up and Registration features of XMod Pro 4, this pair of DotNetNuke user registration forms are ready to use for Quick Signup and more detailed User Registration.
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  • Tablesorter

    As an example kit to show off the flexibility of XMod Pro templates and the easy ability for jQuery to manipulate the layout, order, display, sorting and functions of an HTML TABLE, we have put together an table using our example data set and the popular jQuery table sorting power of TableSorter 2.0
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  • Page Comments

    This Module Kit is a ready to use comments solution that can be added to any page of a DotNetNuke website. The set of templates and form can be added to any type of page / tab and will allow for comments on the specific page, article, product detail, etc. and is a perfect addition to other article modules, catalog modules, etc. that may not have a customizable comments system. Best of all, this can be added to any/all pages and can provide a consistent look & feel across your DNN site, across all modules/pages.
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  • Star Ratings & Social Share

    This is a ready-to-use 5 Star Page Rating and Social Share solution. This module kit shows how to use jQuery and XMod Pro forms together to save standard counter/ranking data and how to connect with other services such as ShareThis for Facebook like, Twitter share, Email, Bookmark & More!
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  • User Login (for XMP4)

    As an example kit to show off the flexibility of the new User Login and Redirect features of XMod Pro 4, we have put together a pair of DotNetNuke forms for user login. One is an expand/collapse version meant for header/navigation areas, the other is a standard yet customizable login form.
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  • Vertical Content Slider

    Intended to showcase article, text, paragraph and news info, this content scroller / slider has options to help customize it for your needs including complete control of the style CSS, formatting, and content. Use it for links and text, but don't forget images, events and other types of content that are great to present in a scroller!
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  • Timeline

    This incredibly smooth, elegant timeline module kit from XMod Pro allows you to present a scrolling history chart for timeline and date-based lists that support text, images and video from JSON feeds, Flickr and more!
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  • Polls With jQuery Display

    The Poll Module has long been a standard of the DNN core modules, however polls are a fun, flashy way to show off some of the neat features of XMod Pro! In this Module Kit, this Poll XMod Pro code can be used to create several polls for your DNN instance. You can use it as a starter to add more complexity such as specific Portal ID, more questions, stats on dates answered, user voting tracking and more.
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  • News Ticker

    Intended to showcase article, text, paragraph and news info, this news ticker has a slick set of features that make it more than the average slider. It can be used to show external RSS feeds of information (for instance external news article feeds, twitter feeds, facebook feeds, etc., OR use your own XMod Pro RSS Feed), or it can be used to show the newest articles and information from other DotNetNuke article or event, blog modules, or you can connect it to your own completely custom built XMod Pro article solution and external database records.
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  • Versatile Slider / Scroller

    This is a great item to use as a basis for showing featured articles, pages, detail items, newest text/entries, slideshow, etc. The slider allows for horizontal, vertical scrolling, auto start/slideshow, and full style and control through JS settings and CSS styling.
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  • 3D Carousel Image Gallery

    Need a little sparkle to add to your product pages or website? Nothing adds more life than a 3D Carousel of images. Spotlight pages on your site, your books, music, movies, cars, or just about anything else! The jQuery carousel features auto-reflections, mouse wheel scroll, slimbox (lightbox) popup and more!
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  • Custom Feedback Form

    Building a DotNetNuke form for Contact Us forms, User Feedback forms, or Website Comments forms is a popular task and is required in almost all DNN sites! This is a simple form allows users to submit feedback comments & suggestions with all other items as not required. Users can expand the optional section to provide additional answers as well. When submitted, the form will email the Portal Admin (or any other email address you specify), and if the "CC Me" check box is selected, will email a message copy to the user specified in the SenderEmail field.
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  • Form To Email A File

    Ever needed to send an email to a user for a file that is within your DotNetNuke website? Or needed to send an attachment that is too large for you to send out (gmail attachment limitations for instance) or for them to receive? Ever needed a basic "you send it" functionality for your DotNetNuke website? As an example kit to show off the flexibility of XMod Pro and the power of the Control Data Source (for Dropdowns) and Form Email functions, we have created a Module Kit example that allows you to create a basic form to email a file from your DotNetNuke website.
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  • Featured Content Scroller

    This is a great item to use as a basis for a news article slider, newest text/entries slideshow, etc. More than just an image gallery, it is intended to showcase article, text, paragraph and news content in a nice way in a compact area. In this example setup, items marked as Featured in the database are shown with more details such as title, subtitile and description, while the rest are shown with just images and titles. Use this as a base code to create your own customized module or use it as a resource for tips and tricks for building your own XMod Pro solution!
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  • FullCalendar jQuery Calendar

    The FullCalendar jQuery plugin is a full-featured calendar display ready for use in your XMod Pro projects. When combined with the back-end and functionality of XMod Pro and DotNetNuke, FullCalendar can become a professional, fully customizable display for your event and calendar-based data.

    • Use it as a Standard Calendar
    • Use it as an Alternative Means of Browsing Data
    • Display the Day's Events or Records with the Built-In Day/Week/Month View
    • Customize it with Your Database Records:

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  • Feeds and Exports

    The Feeds feature of XMod Pro allows you to create RSS Feeds and File Exports from your data in DotNetNuke. As an example to show off the flexibility of the Feeds we have put together a "Starter Kit" which provides examples and starter code for creating reports and exports in many popular file formats including CSV, Excel, RTF, Word, and more.
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  • CoolIris Flash Image Wall

    This incredibly popular, flashy Image Gallery from CoolIris started out as the PicLens Flash Image "3D Wall" and later became CoolIris. Now, years later, there are desktop and iPhone and Android versions of the photo gallery. This Flash-based version is free to include into any website and instantly ads beautiful, lightning fast 3D Image Wall excitement to any image collection!
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  • Contact Us Form with jQuery Validation

    While everyone loves the easy-to-use, built-in validation and messaging that is default in XMod Pro when working with forms, we sometimes get requests for examples using more advanced jQuery styles and validation. This demo shows elements of XMod Pro and jQuery such as:

    • XMod Pro Form Elements - TextBox, DropdownList, TextArea
    • XMod Pro TextArea form element displays available character countdown and max limit
    • Fieldset and Legend form markup / structure
    • Enhanced jQuery popup validation

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  • SlidesJS jQuery Slideshow

    An example kit to show off the flexibility of XMod Pro templates when creating module items for DotNetNuke like an image slider, image gallery or slideshow. This example uses the popular jQuery plugin SlideJS. Uses: It can be used to display any type of image gallery. There is no fixed limit to the number of images in the slideshow, as it will add icons/slides for every image returned in the recordset. Use this as a base code to create your own customized module or use it as a resource for tips and tricks for building your own XMod Pro solution!
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