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Steve Elsbury

Steve Elsburyasked the question: Custom Command throwing error

I had some custom commands invoking sql procedures working well for a while. I must have made some careless edit because now every invocation throws "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." in "KnowBetter.XModPro.Web.Controls.Template …

10 hours ago

Steve Krantzman

Steve Krantzmananswered the question Users online

Although the UsersOnline table still exists in the database, and the "Purge Users Online " event, although disabled, still exists in the Scheduler, It does look like DNN is phasing out the Users Online Module. In DNN 9 there is no way in the GUI to …

2 weeks ago


Lisaasked the question: How can I use the print-friendly feed to print individual records?

I have created the print-friendly feed successfully and have tried to follow instructions from a similar post, but with no luck. My print-friendly button is working properly from the detail view, but it displays all records--not just the one associated …

2 weeks ago

Jeff M.

Jeff M.asked the question: The 'Text' property of 'ListItem' does not allow child objects. Error

Trying a drop-down list on a form. Getting the above error. Any ideas? Code below. http://dnndev.com/fiddle/fid/746

2 weeks ago

Dana Armstrong

Dana Armstrongasked the question: Change panel with commandlink

I've tried this to no avail (just the important parts of the code are shown in the fiddle)

3 weeks ago

Jeff M.

Jeff M.asked the question: Users online

Hello.. Can anyone think of a way to check and see if a user is logged in and online via XMP? We have an internal website which is using the old DNN Users Online module and up to Evoq 8.5.0, works, But with version 9, it will cease to work properly. …

1 month ago

Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryananswered the question Strange Issue with Stored Procedure and DeleteCommand

Try this format and let me know if it works: Commandtext="exec ccf_DeleteVolClinicAssign @UserID, @ClinicID" commandtype="text"

1 month ago

Steve Krantzman

Steve Krantzmanasked the question: Strange Issue with Stored Procedure and DeleteCommand

I have a strange issue in my XMP Template where in my DeleteCommand, while utilizing a Stored Procedure, I get an error telling me that the SP is expecting a parameter that I am providing. Yet when I change the Command Text to a straight forward DELETE …

1 month ago


Paul.Buckleyvoted on ListBox pass parameter to form submit command as stored procedure


In ListBoxes and DropDownLists, the DataValueFieldโ€™s value, is the value used by the DataField to pass the param to the SubmitCommnad. Usually the DataField and DataValueField refer to the same field. It looks like your DataValueFields refer to fields with names that are ID, or end with ID which would normally indicate an INT data type. Yet your DataField refers to the Name field, which looks to be a String data type. If you are passing the wrong datatype to your store ...

1 month ago

Steve Krantzman

Steve Krantzmananswered the question How to Display the NoItemsTemplate only after Filter is applied * FormX *

OK, Got it working. Turns out the answer was staring me in the face, and it was the two tokens that were working correctly. I used a xmod:select control inside of the NoItmesTemplate to display one message if the form has not been filtered yet, and …
Kelly Ford also answered the question Kelly Ford also answered the question

1 month ago