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Mark Guercio

Mark Guercioanswered the question Call Feed from Button

In help file under Data View Controls, check out <xmod:LoadFeedButton> syntax

5 days ago


Paypal add-to-cart image used in

1 week ago

Mark Trippier

Mark Trippierasked the question: Call Feed from Button

I have a button inside a template header so that I can use the "ID", I need to download a xls file from a feed passing it the "ID" and "USERID". How can I call the feed from the button please? Many thanks Mark

1 week ago


learn1answered the question Jquery input mask

The answer was to update the plugin. That worked and fixed the problem with the default DNN skins. One question it seems like this plugin does not support entering numbers from a RTL direction. I am trying to implement input of numbers like a calculator …
Patrick Ryan also answered the question Patrick Ryan also answered the question

1 week ago

Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryananswered the question Call Edit Page from rather than add page

In v4.7 I think? Could be wrong there... you can use the form override. <EditButton Form="NameOfForm" ... rest of your attributes>

1 week ago


learn1asked the question: Jquery input mask

Hi, I ran into a problem upgrading one of our DNN sites. We went from 6.x to 8.04. We have Xmodpro running on it with a form that uses input masks. In the Xmodpro Form manager in DNN 8.04 the form works well. But as soon as I set it to use it with the …

1 week ago

Mark Trippier

Mark Trippierasked the question: Call Edit Page from rather than add page

Hi, From a template, I need to call the "edit page" of a seperate form, rather than the default "add page" How can I achieve this please? Mark

1 week ago

 Utilise IT

Utilise ITcreated the topic: Add multiple records

Hi, I have a need where I have say 2 fields. Name &amp; Colour Id like to add multiple records with the 1 form submission. The second field Colour is preferrable to be a dropdownlist but checkboxes or checkbox list is also fine. So I would like to …

2 weeks ago

  • Utilise ITIve converted a dropdown list (1 Red, 2 Green, 3 Yellow) to a checkbox list & added
    RepeatDirection="Horizontal" RepeatLayout="Table" SelectedItemsSeparator="string||"

    but im getting error message

    MESSAGE:Invalid data type in control 'Field2'STACK TRACE: at KnowBetter.XModPro.FormFunctions.GetParameterValues(DataCommandBase cmd) at KnowBetter.XModPro.FormFunctions.AddButtonClicked(XItem& xi) at KnowBetter.XModPro.XModPro.frmAddRecord_AddButtonClicked(FormEventArgs fea) ...2 weeks ago
Melinda (DNNDev)

Melinda (DNNDev)answered the question Using Email SendIf with Checkboxlist value

Hi Jeff, Would you please add your relevant code of your Form as a Code Fiddle here so that we may take a look? Best, Melinda

2 weeks ago

jeff paulic

jeff paulicasked the question: Using Email SendIf with Checkboxlist value

Hello, I'm having trouble getting the "SendIf" statement to actually take effect in my email statement. The goal is to have 2 emails in a form. If a checkbox is checked in the form, the 2nd email will send. If not, only the first email will be sent. As …

2 weeks ago