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Jeff M.

Jeff M.asked the question: XMP Employee Example

Hello.. I remember there being an employee page example where the employee names are listed on the left and by selecting their name, their information (details pane) was displayed in a panel on the right. Is that still available? Thanks..

2 days ago

Jeff Schmidtke

Jeff Schmidtkeearned the privilege Create unmoderated replies

Earned the Create unmoderated replies privilege!
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1 week ago


benschanswered the question How would one copy an existing record - either from template or edit form

Amazing how re-articulating a question in written form sparks a solution! http://dnndev.com/fiddle/fid/638
Kelly Ford also answered the question Kelly Ford also answered the question

1 week ago

Warranty Mate

Warranty Matecreated the topic: Best approach

Wondering if the following is possible & how best to approach. There are 2 columns in the db. Field A & Country Countries are in the form of checkboxes I have a need where I want to add Field A with whatever Countries are checked. So in …

1 week ago


Igorcreated the topic: How to make form or template out of template?

Hi, I must do a lot of templates and forms for my web page. The design will be the same for all of them. Normally I use "New Template" and "New Form" in Control Panel. That's OK. But then I must change the the templates and forms to add some HTML/CSS …

2 weeks ago

Kelly Ford

Kelly Fordanswered the question Multiple file upload fields, the last one is not working.

So, does anything get stored in the DB for that file upload control? Does the file make it to the server? Can you convert your form to a custom HTML form and post the source here for us to look at?

2 weeks ago


Mussiearned the privilege Edit any question or answer or comment

Earned the Edit any question or answer or comment privilege!
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2 weeks ago


Mussiasked the question: Multiple file upload fields, the last one is not working.

Hi! I'm new to XMOD Pro, and I've searched for this but couldn't find a solution. I've set up 3 file upload input fields, they have the same types in the database, and the same settings in the module. However, 2 of them work just fine, and the last one …

2 weeks ago

Jeff M.

Jeff M.asked the question: Updating Sort Order via JS (coding example)

Hello.. I have a template which is listing products via a sort order. As of now, I have the order being manually set by a drop-down. It queries the DB for the existing numbers and won't list those numbers for when an item is being added/edited. What …

2 weeks ago


Cataasked the question: 2 SQL Servers connection string

Hi, I had the situation where I had to access 2 separate SQL data sources at once: one of the local DNN and another one form a remote location. How I would connect in that situation? This does not work <SelectCommand ConnectionString="Data …

2 weeks ago