Create Your Own Custom DNN Modules

Not simply a Form Builder, XMod Pro is the only complete application builder for DNN.

XMod Pro runs on DNN 5.x through 9.6+
and is compatible with Windows SQL Azure Database.

What You’re Getting

XMod Pro is a complete application builder for DNN. Our tools make it simple to build a fully functional custom module within minutes and then customize it to fit the look and feel of your site.

The most important thing we've learned in our 10+ years of developing XMod (and now XMod Pro) for DNN is that while a quick point-and-click forms builder is useful, you quickly discover the limitations of an auto-generated solution. That's why we provide not only the wizards and tools you need to quickly get started, we ensure you won't outgrow its inherent limitations by giving you complete sophisticated built-in tags and actions as well as the flexibility to add your own HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, SQL, and even custom server controls. In other words, just about anything can be built with XMod Pro.

XMod Pro is Localizable Too!

  • Build Complete Applications Fast!

    Easily create apps from your database with a couple of clicks. You get Add/Edit/Delete and list/detail views in mere minutes.

  • Fully Customizable

    Use your own HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, SQL and even custom server-side add-ons and 3rd party extensions.

  • Responsive

    You can control the HTML and CSS so any layout or integration with responsive frameworks like Bootstrap is easy.

  • SQL Server

    Our tools will build your SQL commands but you can also use your own tables, views, stored procedures, and functions in the DNN database or in external SQL Server databases.

  • Powerful Features

    Send email, store and dispaly user data, verify user roles, POST to outside URL's, Redirect the user to alternate pages, add dynamic meta tags, use AJAX without writing Javascript, and more.

  • Enhance Other Modules

    Don't like the interface of one of your modules? Do you want to enhance its feature set? Use XMod Pro's power to tie into its tables and stored procedures to write your own.

  • Data-Driven Feeds

    Feeds enable you to provide not only data feeds like RSS, but also create printer-friendly HTML pages, downloadable CSV, Word, and Excel files, and output JSON data to use your pages.

  • Bestselling Module for 10+ Years

    Since 2004, we've been selling XMod, and now XMod Pro to rave reviews. Thousands of sites and customers trust XMod Pro to deliver for them.

  • Support and Community

    It's easy to get started with XMod Pro but it is the deepest module out there because we provide a lot of functionality. We offer articles and how-to's, free Module Kits as jump-starts, as well as a vibrant community providing answers to your pressing questions.

Form Features:

  • Form Builder: Generate forms for DotNetNuke in a snap! Build your form with ease of drag & drop and style it in minutes with the integrated design/style of jQuery UI.This form generator gives you complete control to create custom DNN forms for any use quickly and easily.
  • Use your own HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery: Tweak the form builder-built form or build your own. You have complete control to layout and style your form. Responsive forms? No problem. Easily integrate with Bootstrap or any other framework. Create super DNN forms with exactly the style, layout, organization and look that you need. Easily enhance and modify the form code with your own HTML tweaks, jQuery enhancements and CSS styles and rules.
  • Full Set of Controls: Textbox, Textarea (multi-line), Date Input, Rich Text Editor, Password, Panel (with role-based visibility), Tabstrip, Listbox, Dropdown List, Checkbox and Checkbox List, Radio Button and Radio Button List, Calendar (Date Picker), Dual List, File Upload
  • Custom Registration and Role Management: Create custom Registration and Login forms for your DNN site. You can even add and remove roles for users in your forms too.
  • Complete Validation: Required, Comparison, Range, Regular Expression, Email, CAPTCHA, Database, XML, Action, Checkbox, and Checkbox List
  • Send Emails: Define one or more email templates, each of which can be sent to different email addresses. So you can send a confirmation to the customer and a different email to the sales department.
  • Success Messages and Redirection: Thank your user for their submission, provide additional links and more. Send users to different URLs and/or silently POST information to yet another URL.
  • Localization: All Form information is fully localizable. Labels and data can be localized. You can even have distinct forms and different data commands for each language and XMod Pro will dynamically the form based on the current language. This allows you to present a different layout or different set of form fields and data commands based on the user's current locale.
  • Extensible: Create custom form controls and actions (commands that execute without a user interface) or purchase pre-made controls and actions from our growing list of 3rd party add-on developers.

Data Views:

  • Virtually Limitless Layout Capabilities: XMod Pro can generate bullet lists, numbered lists, tables, and more from your data in seconds - ready for you to customize with your own HTML, CSS and Javascript. Of course, you can also start from scratch and code the HTML yourself. It is up to you. XMod Pro doesn't get in your way if you want to integrate with jQuery plugins or responsive layout frameworks like Bootstrap.
  • AJAX Views: No Javascript coding needed. Simply set Ajax="True" and your users can quickly page through your data, view details, search, sort, and delete records — all without a page refresh.
  • Multiple Views in One Module Instance: Original to XMod Pro, this innovative feature allows you to craft a more complete application experience. You can mix and match multiple views in one module instance and lay them out with HTML. Even better, clicking a button in one view can trigger updates to one or more other views. If you have AJAX enabled, it all happens without a page refresh.
  • Feeds - the Unsung Hero of XMod Pro: Create RSS feeds, XML exports, Excel and CSV downloads, printer-friendly pages. Also, use feeds to easily drive your AJAX interface - retrieve HTML or JSON data and even execute data commands. You can even secure your feeds by DNN role. There very few things you cannot do with Feeds.
  • Searching, Sorting, Paging Built-In: Provide XMod Pro with a little information about your data and it will setup a search box and sort box for your data. Paging is automatic. All of these features are customizable. Advanced searching is possible by passing values into the page via the URL or POST so you can create a custom search form using XMod Pro and use that to perform an advanced search.
  • Enhance SEO Capabilities and Facebook Integration: XMod Pro gives you the ability to dynamically add-to or change the page's Title, Keywords, and Description. Use hard-coded values, environmental data, or data from the database. You can even create custom meta tags so you can now customize your pages with Facebook's Open Graph.
  • Localization: You can detect and react to the current locale to retrieve localized content. XMod Pro can dynamically load a different view based on the current locale. Plus, XMod Pro's Format tag enables you to format dates and currency according to the current locale.
  • Custom Data Commands: In addition to standard CRUD commands, you can add custom commands. For instance, with these commands you could setup a button to approve a record or do anything else you need in the database.

Even More:

  • DNN Search Integration: Using a custom query, combined with field tokens and your text, you can make sure t he DNN search engine indexes and returns exactly the information you want.
  • Share Forms and Templates Across Portals: Global forms and templates can be used on all of your site's portals. This greatly simplifies maintenance for multi-portal sites since you only have to make changes in one place and those changes will automatically propagate to all your portals.
  • Color Syntax Hilighting Editor: When editing your code you can take advantage of our syntax hilighting code editor. It comes complete with pop-up designers for XMod Pro tags, re-usable snippets you can define, auto-indent and more. Plus, we provide an inline editor so you can quickly make changes and tweaks to your templates and forms
  • Integrated Database Table Designer: Now there's no need to fire up SQL Server Management Studio to whip up a quick prototype database table. You can create basic tables from within XMod Pro. Use the built-in table creator to create columns, name them, select a data type, allow Null values, mark the column as an identity field, and set default data values.
  • Free Staging/Localhost License: Each license entitles you to run XMod Pro on your "localhost" environment for development purposes without requiring licensing.
  • Free Upgrades for 1 Year: Every license comes with a complimentary one-year subscription that covers free module upgrades for one year. This means that, from the date of purchase, you will receive all XMod Pro updates including minor and major versions for one year at no extra charge.
  • jQuery Ready: We use jQuery all the time in our client and personal development projects. If you do any jQuery scripting you quickly become familiar with the jQuery ready function stub you put into almost every single page. We figured, what good is XMod Pro if it can`t remove that burden. So, now all you have to do is put a jQueryReady tag in your form or template and XMod Pro will automatically register the jQuery ready block in your page. Even better it uses a closure to protect the your code's scope from other script in the page and also allows you to use the dollar sign ($) shortcut. All you have to do is start entering your jQuery or Javascript code.
Bonus: Each XMod Pro license comes with 1 year of free Major and Minor upgrades
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Idea to completion in record time

Free Module Kits - From Sliders to Calendars and Registration Forms

Use Them. Take Them Apart. Copy and Learn from Them.
These Kits are Fully-Functional (and Did We Mention Free?)

These module kits are designed to give you a quick start on your next project and for you to peek under the hood to see how things are done. We want you to get in and modify them. Please note that our XMod Pro Module Kits are designed for and, thus, require XMod Pro in order to run.

  • User Registration
  • Tablesorter
  • Page Comments
  • Star Ratings and Social Share
  • User Login
  • Vertical Content Slider
  • Timeline
  • Polls with jQuery Display
  • News Ticker
  • Versatile Slider/Scroller
  • 3D Carousel Image Gallery
  • Custom Feedback Form
  • Form to Email a File
  • Featured Content Scroller
  • FullCalendar jQuery Calendar
  • Feeds and Exports
  • CoolIris Flash Image Wall
  • SlideJS jQuery Slideshow
  • Contact Us Form with jQuery Validation
The XMod Pro Exchange for Solutions

Free XMod Pro Exchange

Easy to Use Solutions, Snippets, and How-To's.
Exchange Examples are Fully-Functional

The XMod Pro Community has come together to provide this excellent Exchange to help you build solutions with XMod Pro even more quickly than ever before. Please note that all XMod Pro Exchange solutions are designed for and, thus, require XMod Pro in order to run.


Take a peek at XMod Pro

From drag-n-drop builders to wizards to code editing to forms, templates, and feed management, you'll find all you need to build solutions in DNN quickly and customize as needed.

Database Tools

Database Tools

Drag and drop form builder makes creating forms a cinch

Form Builder

Tag designer for date input form control

Date Input Tag Designer

Online help is always available inside the editor

In-App Help

Easily create views from your DNN or external SQL Server databases

New Template Wizard

Powerful code editors make writing code a breeze

Integrated Code Editor

Form and Template Managers show you what is in use

Form Manager

Integrate your data with DNN Search

Flexible DNN Search Integration

Growing Ecosystem of Extensions and Add-Ons

Developers are creating ready-made solutions for XMod Pro

XMod Pro's popularity and expandability has spurred a growing market of add-ons - from AJAX file upload controls to Twitter and RSS views to integration with web services like MailChimp and Clickatell.

  • Mark Luffred Web and Database Development Director, Pharma International

    « This is my favorite module in the DNN store. It is a huge time saver... The documentation and examples offered on their website makes this very complex application easy to use. Even without the free the module kits I'd still give this a 5-star rating. »

  • Angus Beare Developer

    « Where would I be without XMod Pro? I have built dozens of apps with it and it has saved me a ton of work. It is also great for my designer since he understands the code and can easily style it. »

  • Joe Brinkman Co-Founder and Technical Fellow, DNN Corp.

    « XMod Pro allowed us to quickly build custom functionality for the launch. Because of its speed and versatility, it is one of the very few third party modules that we allow on the site. »

  • Antoine LaPlante Developer

    « This "toolbox" is really incredible. By adding some jQuery you can built an entire web application. »

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Bonus: Each XMod Pro license comes with 1 year of free Major and Minor upgrades