XMod Pro Promo: Introducing XMod Pro 4

Get a look at all the amazing features available in XMod Pro 4 - Fully customizable and all wrapped up in a single module instance!

How to create a Frequently Asked Questions XMod Pro module - with database, the ability to add, edit, delete and view data.  Integrate 3rd party CSS and Javascript, use the Bootstrap Collapsible Group as example to make theFAQ look current and modern

XMod Pro for DNN Building a Collapsible FAQ

To show off the new Timeline XMod Pro Module Kit, and in support of the QCDUG 2013 event,

XMod Pro Timeline Module Kit for Southern Fried DNN

See how to create a databased solution complete with a data entry form and a display of that data in a list view and a detail view. Also see how to add, edit and delete records as well as see some form styling and data entry validation.

XMod Pro 2 - Creating A Solution

A demonstration of the Manage Forms and Manage Templates Pages, offered as of XMod Pro 2. This is demonstrated in XMod Pro 2 but is valid for later versions - This is an older version of XMod Pro so the user interface has changed since then.

XMod Pro 2 - Managing Forms and Templates

See how a single XMod Pro module instance can have multiple templates  and multiple datasources interacting together.

Employee Viewer Demo

See how to create your own theme and install it in XMod Pro, with a single mouse-click.

Creating Custom Themes with jQuery UI ThemeRoller

See a demonstration of all the capabilities of the Form Manager and how to utilize the Form Manager grid in XMod Pro.

XMod Pro 3 - Form Manager Grid

See how to build your first data-bound Form and how to add and update data in the database. You will learn how to generate a Form from a Table, Add Validation, swap out a Control, and add some Styling to the Form. This was recorded for XMod Pro 3 and is similar for later versions.

XMod Pro 3 - Creating A Data-Bound Form with the Form Builder

See how to use Meta Tags for search engine optimization and integration with various online services and tools. This demonstration shows how to use built-in MetaTag modifiers as well as inserting your own Meta Tags into a page.

XMod Pro Meta Tags

See how to easily create a Form, based on a table in your DotNetNuke Database, using the Form Builder in XMod Pro. This is demonstrated in XMod Pro 2 but is valid for later versions.

XMod Pro 2 - Form Builder Demo

See how to install XMod Pro on your DotNetNuke (DNN) website. The process is similar for whichever versions of XMod Pro and DNN you are using.

Installing XMod Pro

Getting started with XMod Pro couldn't be easier - Introducing Free XMod Pro Module Kits! See more about these prepackaged XMod Pro demos, examples, and solutions.

XMod Pro Module Kits Promo

Get a look at all the amazing features available in XMod Pro 4 - Fully customizable and all wrapped up in a single module instance!

XMod Pro Promo

See an introduction to the Form Builder demonstrated by building a Contact Us form. Viewers will learn how to add and edit controls on a form, add basic validation, modify form buttons, and set up an email notification.

XMod Pro Form Builder Tour - Contact Us Form

This video shows how to enhance your form by creating Picker Lists (a feature common to many data entry forms). Picker Lists make the form more user-friendly and reduce data entry errors.

Creating Picker Lists in Your Forms

This video demonstrates a great new feature in XMod Pro - Feeds. First introduced in version 3, Feeds are a great way to get data out of your database and repurpose it. Learn how to use the Feed Manager grid and create different feeds.

XMod Pro 3 - Creating and Managing Feeds

Learn how to create a link with multiple URL parameters, fed from your database. This was created in XMod Pro 3 but is valid for other versions as well.

Adding Dynamic URL Parameters to Hyperlinks

Shows how to leverage XMod Pro to populate Javascript arrays with data from your database. Also discusses how to overcome some potential issues that may arise when working with Javascript.

Building a Javascript Array from a SQL Table

XMod Pro Videos

Take an in-depth look at some of the new functionality and features of XMod Pro that you can use to build custom solutions for DotNetNuke Forms, module solutions and more!

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