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James Allen Hall

James Allen Hallcreated the topic: Are the Fords "out of the office"

I replied to Melinda couple of days ago have not heard back?

3 months ago

James Allen Hall

James Allen Hallvoted on How Can I Move Forms/Templates to Other Sites or Other Portals?

There are three ways you can approach this:

1) Manually Create - You can always login in to the portal as Host/SuperUser and create the forms/templates there individually by manually copy/pasting the code from one to the other.


2) Copy the XMP Files by FTP - By FTP or direct server access, look into the /Portals/_default/XModPro/ directory. There you'll find a Forms directory and Templates directory and Feeds directory.

Within each of those directories you'll fi ...

4 months ago


gnossospasked the question: Use a search form to send parameters to template in modal window.

I want to use a simple search form to send two parameters to a template with a list view. I am able to open the list page (a blank page with the results list) however I want to leverage the fancybox script that is already installed with the theme.and …

5 months ago

John Wolf

John Wolfcreated the topic: Icons instead of text in Template Controls

For template control links such as EditLink and DeleteLink, we prefer to use icons instead of text. In particular, we'd like to use FontAwesome icons. Is there a way to do this? Thank you.

9 months ago

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  • Kelly FordHi John,

    There's not a built-in tag or mechanism for this. However, you should be able to use the Edit/DeleteLink tag to generate a normal hyperlink. Then use the CssClass attribute to assign a class name. Then you should be able to target the element for replacement by FA. You may also be able to either wrap the element in another HTML tag. A third possibility would be to simply insert an HTML element before or after the link to hold the icon. In that case you'd have the link with the ic ...9 months ago
  • John Wolf@Kelly Ford Thank you, Kelly, for the quick response. I'll give them a try.

    John9 months ago
John Wolf

John Wolfearned the privilege Create unmoderated replies

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10 months ago

John Wolf

John Wolfcreated the topic: Styling Template Output by Non-host Users

Our developers are not particularly good at styling grid and detail output. We'd like a front-end designer to apply styling in templates but don't want to give host rights. Is there a way to do this? If not, any suggestions on how others would approach …

10 months ago

  • Kelly FordBecause of the access a user would have to things like your database, XMP only allows editing by Host users. However, when it comes to styling, the best approach is simply to use CSS. CSS class names and HTML IDโ€™s can be inserted into the HTML generated by XMP if necessary. Most designers may only need class names (or IDโ€™s) inserted for specific scenarios. Otherwise, typical site styling like grids can and should be done via stylesheets. 10 months ago

jeffwest1created the topic: Template with Multiple Feeds

I am trying to build a template that has 3 feeds embedded in it. The reason is I need to be able to show data that is coming from three different tables in a SQL database, however I have initial data in a another three tables, and as new data is added I …

10 months ago

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  • Kelly FordHi Jeff,

    Feeds are called usually via Javascript or perhaps IFRAME's. They're not a replacement for Templates, nor can the be embedded in them. I would suggest using JS or IFRAME's to make the calls to the different feeds.

    Kelly10 months ago
  • jeffwest1Hi Kelly

    Thanks for the response. I actually managed to sort this out, I needed to have a normal item template, then I managed to add three xmod:Feed after that, so managed to achieve what I wanted.


    Jeff10 months ago
Mike O

Mike Oanswered the question Json feed returns null instead of empty array []

While looking for other info, it occurred to that it might help someone else to show how I ended up resolving the problem. In the feed, I simply joined a record with all a values NULL . This made FullCalender (and me) smile.

11 months ago


jeffwest1created the topic: XMod Pro 4.5.3 (04.07.00) Download

I have used the above in a site I built, I need to build a UAT site to test a new way of working, and need to create this using the above version of XMOD Pro in order to get everything as it is. The issue is I cannot find a download for this version, …

1 year ago

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  • Kelly FordHi jeffwest1,

    We generally only keep the last minor version upgrade in a series (i.e. 4.5.4 instead of 4.5.3). Does that version work for you? If not, I will look in our archives for 4.5.3 specifically. Just let me know.

    Kelly1 year ago
  • Kelly FordSince posting, I have double-checked our archives and we have 4.5.3 available. I was pretty sure we did, since we keep all our released versions, but didn't want to post until I knew for sure. If you need that specific version, submit a support request at https://support.dnndev.com. and we'll get you a copy.

    Kelly1 year ago
  • jeffwest1Thank you Kelly, I will add a ticket now for this12 months ago

Drewanswered the question Possible to add static text to silent post field?

The answer was much simpler and is working. <AddForm ClientName='PRO: [[Subject]]'>

1 year ago