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Mike O

Mike Oasked the question: DNN ver 9.9.0 and XMod ver 4.09.03 jQuery error

The site I am having a problem with is currently on DNN ver 9.9.0 (upgraded via recommended upgrade path) and XMod ver 4.09.03. Subsequent to upgrading to 9.9.0 I’ve been testing before I complete the steps to remove Telerik per the dev groups …

3 days ago


gnossospanswered the question Date and TIME picker

Came up with this VERY inelegant solve. Probably full of problems, Any improvements would be greatly appreciated. I inserted jsuites.js and css into page (after loading into DNN JS directory) and made the Date Input controls standard TextBox items. I …

5 days ago


gnossospasked the question: Date and TIME picker

I'm trying to set up a form that has a date and time field for event. Seems the picker controls included only point at Date and Date formatting. Is there a way to integrate the date/time pickers from the https://xdsoft.net/jqplugins/datetimepicker/ …

6 days ago

Matthias Kühnle

Matthias Kühnleanswered the question How to handle comma separated field vals via @vars ?

I am sorry for the typo: ...IN @ProjectMembers should be ... IN (@ProjectMembers): CommandText="SELECT [UserID], [Email], [DisplayName] FROM Users WHERE CAST([UserID] AS VARCHAR(MAX)) IN @(ProjectMembers)"

1 month ago

Matthias Kühnle

Matthias Kühnleasked the question: How to handle comma separated field vals via @vars ?

The follwing SELECT gives results when using: CommandText="SELECT [UserID], [Email], [DisplayName] FROM Users WHERE CAST([UserID] AS VARCHAR(MAX)) IN (2,3,5)" but nothing is returned (even no error) when using same SELECT with @var : CommandText="SELECT …

1 month ago


Marearned the privilege Create unmoderated replies

Earned the Create unmoderated replies privilege!
Matthias KühnleAnonymousAnonymousand 33 others also earned the privilege Matthias Kühnleand 35 others also earned the privilege

2 months ago


Marcreated the topic: Limit Custom Command Button to Administrators

I currently am using the template builder to build a view for a client and trying to limit a xmod:CommandButton to only be visible by DNN users with the role 'Administrators'. The view is visible by all users so we do not want all users to able to …

2 months ago

Matthias Kühnle

Matthias Kühnlecreated the topic: How can I use TOKENs in CommandText?

I created a template from table "ProjectData" and I want to show only the results that match for the current logged in user id -> Example: <ListDataSource CommandText="SELECT [id], [UserID], [field1], [field2] FROM ProjectData WHERE [UserID] = …

2 months ago

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  • Matthias KühnleHi Kelly, thanks for reply - but your example does not show up above.
    I figured it out. In the params somewhere in the docu says use "'[[token:ID]]'", but the " were "too much" :-).
    MAZE2 months ago
  • Patrick Ryan[ListDataSource CommandText="... WHERE UserID = @UserID]
    [Parameter Name="UserID" Value='[[User:ID]]' /]

    replace square brackets with angle brackets...trying to ensure response isn't stripped.2 months ago
  • Kelly FordSorry about the blank example. Patrick has the right of it :)2 months ago
Alon Hirsch

Alon Hirschanswered the question Replace DNN login form with XMP custom login form

Thanx Patrick, Much appreciated
Patrick Ryan also answered the question Patrick Ryan also answered the question

2 months ago

Steve Krantzman

Steve Krantzmancreated the topic: Kelly, please gaze into your crystal ball and tell us what you see.

In 2017 I asked the question DNN 9 and the future of XMP . It is now four years later, and I am once again curious about the future of XMP. I am still a strong proponent of XMP, but to be honest, except for a couple of XMP updates to make it compatible …

2 months ago