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Kelly Ford

Introducing DNNDev University

The new DNNDev University doesn't have a winning football team. It is built on people - you and I and everyone who uses DotNetNuke and XMod Pro.


How Do You Build With XMod Pro?

Tips on Getting Started
You can build almost any DNN-based solution that you can imagine with XMod Pro as your development platform. At its core it does forms for update/input into SQL databases and Templates and Feeds for displaying records and data.

There are three main items that you leverage when building a solution in XMP, those are 
1. XMP Forms, Templates, Feeds combined together to do things in dnn pages
2. jQuery to do things client side and make magic
3. SQL to process data, perform logic actions and more

it's the "more" part in SQL where we often use the built in ability of SQL 2008 + to do geocoding based on address for instance.

i know a couple of developers that build amazing things with XMP and then put them through phonegap to make neat phone applications, so YES would be my answer for you. I would recommend that you download the trial, read through the help CHM file to learn all about working in XMP and jump into building pieces of your application as you learn more about how to develop your solutions with XMP.

When you need help, our community helps answer questions and help with ideas, we can give some training sessions and custom development support, you can use the Module Kits for tutorials and examples to examine, and I think that you'll find that once you're into it and have built a few things, your ideas will keep growing!

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