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Kelly Ford

Introducing DNNDev University

The new DNNDev University doesn't have a winning football team. It is built on people - you and I and everyone who uses DotNetNuke and XMod Pro.


Timeline Module Kit - New Version Release


We are happy to announce that there is a new version of the Free XMod Pro Timeline Module Kit - v01.00.09

This XMod Pro Module Kit features an XMP Template for layout, a timeline list as a JSON XMP Feed, and XMP Form with admin-only editor view.

XMod Pro demos and XMod Pro Module Kits are free for everyone to use! We have developed them to help share popular items and to help train users in the features and functionality of XMod Pro for creating custom module solutions for DotNetNuke.

Here is a list of the Timeline Module Kit updates:

  • ADDED: Some more Instructions.
  • FIXED: DNN 7 was competing with some CSS classes and moving things around visually on the timeline.
  • FIXED: The Edit Form was setting the wrong portal id for a record when saving.

The Timeline Module Kit is available now for free download and installation, for existing XMod Pro users, from our Downloads page at in the Module Kits folder.

Thanks for your continued support of XMod Pro.

Free Module Kits are designed for and, thus, require XMod Pro in order to run.

Purchase XMod Pro Forms and Views for DotNetNuke

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