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Kelly Ford

Introducing DNNDev University

The new DNNDev University doesn't have a winning football team. It is built on people - you and I and everyone who uses DotNetNuke and XMod Pro.


Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke Website XMod Pro Pages

Hi All, Not much in terms of instruction or tips for this blog post today but I thought that you might enjoy seeing the manager page and Session List and Calendar of Sessions pages that I helped setup for the Charlotte Day Of DotNetNuke website.

Pages for the Charlotte Day Of DotNetNuke Website

Charlotte Day Of DotNetNuke Calendar Schedule Here at the Charlotte-area Queen City DotNetNuke User Group, we're all pitching in to help run and support this, our first major DotNetNuke event in the area! I've volunteered the developers of my company to help during the day of the event as volunteers, and I've helped pitch in by working on pages of the website,

One of the first pages that I worked with was the main Session Listing so that we could create an organized list of the speakers, sessions and topic information. Users can sort by session, speaker, category and time of event, and then they can click on the title to expand/collapse and see the details for the topic. This list is all built with standard XMod Pro Template items and features the Toggle link for the expand/collapse and some basic css for styling the rows (one of my favorite quick styling methods, .records_table tr:nth-child(even) {background-color: #F2EBDF;} )

Next, I worked with the pages and code that Rob Bryn put together for the manager, and then Fred and I spent time working with the XMod Pro jQuery calendar (calendar by FullCalendar). It was a quick install to get the calendar working in the site thanks to the Module Kit, and then afterwards, it was a simple matter of editing the view settings (jquery variables) and setting up the color coded events.

Take a look at the live pages with the links below, and click on any of the screenshots to see the images larger size.

Charlotte Day Of DotNetNuke Calendar Schedule
Session Manager Built in XMod Pro
Charlotte Day Of DotNetNuke Calendar Schedule
Calendar of Events Page Built in XMod Pro
Charlotte Day Of DotNetNuke Calendar Schedule
Session List Page Built in XMod Pro

If you're coming to the Charlotte Day Of DotNetNuke event, be sure to check out the XMod Pro session that I'm presenting. I'll have some shirts and give-aways that Kelly has provided, and XMod Pro is a sponsor of the event so there will be some give-away's there too!

About the Charlotte Day Of DotNetNuke  Saturday June 2nd (6/2/2012)

Charlotte Day Of DotNetNuke

The Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke® is a free event serving those who are interested in learning about the world's largest .NET based open source framework, DotNetNuke®. This event attracts many industry experts who are willing to share knowledge and experience about DotNetNuke® and it creates in-person networking opportunity for community members around the world.

Community.  Mobile.  Social.  DotNetNuke 6.2 Goes Social!

Join us for a FREE Day of DotNetNuke in beautiful Uptown Charlotte, NC.  Enjoy a full day packed with tips and techniques from world-class speakers at this International event. Get excited for the upcoming "Social" release of 6.2 and get this skin as a free gift for attending.

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MooreCreative XMOD Development Blog
In the MooreCreative XMOD PRO Development Blog, I'll try to share some of the thoughts and ideas that we've come up with on a day-to-day basis as my development company uses DNN + XMOD PRO to tackle client projects. I'll include items such as tips/tricks, did-you-know articles, troubleshooting/testing examples as well as posting samples solutions and explanations behind our experience working with XMOD and jQuery functions, PageBlaster, ZLDNN Article, and other modules/elements.

If you would like to see us tackle a topic, especially anything out of the forums that could use further examples, please, don't hesitate to email me, and I'll look into preparing it for a blog post.

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