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Google Maps Location Module Kit For XMod Pro

  • Category: Pre-Built Solutions
  • Developer: Moore Creative
  • Version:
  • Release Date: Feb 28, 2015
  • Price: $45.00

Your complete XModPro-based solution for a fully customizable Google Location Map! Display 8 office locations or hundreds of map location points with this ready-to-use Module Kit solution.

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Location Listing w/ Google Maps Integration For XMod Pro

We developed this XMod Pro Module Kit Solution for client projects where we need to show a series of Company Offices (Office or Location Map), or Sales Rep Location Finder to display a series of locations in Google Maps with have proximity search features. 
Benefits & Features: This is a Module Kit Solution which means that there are several pages, XMod Pro Templates and XMod Pro Forms that work together for this fully customizable mapping solution. And remember, since it is built with XMod Pro code, you can easily edit and customize the module as needed!

  • Easy To Use! Use this XMP Module Kit to display 6 offices in a map, or to display several thousand markers. Each location is a seperate database record and is fully editable and available for further customization within XMP.
  • Features Marker Clustering - At far zoom distances, when marker points can become a jumble of dots piled ontop of each other, Clustering values allow you to set zoom levels and cluster amounts to allow a master/grouped single marker to show with the count of individuals beneith that group that will be seen at lower zoom in levels.
  • Built-In Geocoding - As you add each new record, it uses Google to check address and fetch Latitude and Longitude coordinates. These are editable, and a backup service is provided to manually check/fetch alternate source coordinates as needed.
  • Search Form - Search By Name, Search By Zip / Proximity - Example form allows users to search by zip code and return the nearest X records with distance in miles displayed.
  • Google Maps API Version XYZ which allows for a high level of customized CSS control as desired to change the map colors and detail levels to your liking. The power is in your hands!
  • Map Listing Records contain "map" link to jump to a zoomed-in level of the map, focused on the location, with the flag marker/details open. The "listing" link displays a customziable detail view for the location/record. This detail record is displayed on a seperate page allowing you to create a search engine friendly markeing landing page for each office location or sales rep.
  • The initial display centering point for the map and zoom level are auto calculated based on the records returned. The map will center based on the outer bounds of the map location points and will "zoom out" two levels to incorporate all into the map display window.