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XMod Pro 4.5.4 Released

We're happy to announce the release of the latest version of the #1 module for building DotNetNuke (DNN) and Evoq apps - XMod Pro. See what is new and changed in version 4.5.4.

By: Kelly Ford On: 06/02/2014

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Here's a look at what's new and changed in versions 4.5.0 through 4.5.4

Note: changes to version 04.05.04 are shown in bold.


Release Date: 06/02/2014
Assembly Date: 03/07/2014

Before You Install...

  • Check the Assembly Date: This release has a date associated with it (03/07/2014). Ensure that your license is still active as of that date before installing. Otherwise the software will not function. To renew your license or check on its status, visit your Subscription Management Page
  • Backup Your Data And Files: Whenever you do an upgrade please backup your database and web files prior to installing -- just in case you need to quickly rollback to the previous version.


  • ADDED: SEO-Friendly Pager called "LinkPager". Set the <pager type="Hyperlink">. It will pass the page, search and sort information via the URL.
  • ADDED: Manage Forms and Manage Templates grids now have a new column that shows whether a form/template is in-use on the site. Does not apply to global forms and templates or feeds.
  • ADDED: You can now have server-side-only comments. The syntax is: [-- your comment here --] Comments can span multiple lines and can comment-out server-side code.
  • ADDED: Encoding property to feeds. It defaults to UTF-8.
  • ADDED: Granular CSS to template pager control - FirstPageCssClass, NextPageCssClass, LastPageCssClass, PrevPageCssClass, CurrentPageCssClass.
  • ADDED: Properties for Error Message Overrides in AddUser form Action. Messages for: ErrMsgDuplicateEmail, ErrMsgInvalidEmail, ErrMsgInvalidPassword, ErrMsgInvalidUsername, ErrMsgDuplicateUser, ErrMsgDuplicateUsername.
  • ADDED: Overridable error messages for UpdateUser form action: ErrMsgUserNotFound (Takes a {0} placeholder that will be replaced by user ID), ErrMsgInvalidPassword, ErrMsgOther (Takes a {0} placeholder that will be replaced with the user ID).
  • ADDED: Auto-generation of an OnClientClick delete confirmation dialog when generating a template.
  • ADDED: Auto-generation of an <xmod:ReturnLink> tag in DetailTemplates created by template generator.
  • ADDED: [[Page:FullUrl]] token (v 04.05.04)

  • FIXED: "Item has already been added" exception when copying a page with XMod Pro on it.
  • FIXED: <UpdateUser> has no <property> child tag issue.
  • FIXED: <SilentPost> only works when user is logged-in.
  • FIXED: <NoItemsTemplate> tag now respects permissions set in the <xmod:Template> tag.
  • FIXED: Exception thrown when editing a record using a FormView if the value of a field was NULL.
  • FIXED: New Template Button non-responsive on Manage Templates Page. (v.04.05.01)
  • FIXED: Manage Forms/Manage Templates pages wouldn't load in DNN 6.x (v. 04.05.02)
  • FIXED: Invalid Object 'ModuleDefinitions' in some DNN installs. (v 04.05.03)
  • FIXED: Removed a couple of DEBUG 'exceptions' being written to DNN Event Log. (v 04.05.04)
  • FIXED: FirstLastCssClass, PrevNextCssClass properties of template's <Pager> tag not being set. (v 04.05.04)
  • FIXED: Link Pager did not correctly set default page info parameters (v 04.05.04).
  • FIXED: Delete Confirmation incorrectly added to Add, Edit, and Detail buttons when generating templates. (v 04.05.04)
  • FIXED: Multiple Return Buttons added to Detail View template. (v 04.05.04)
  • FIXED: JOIN() token throws Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' exception when one of the fields being used had a NULL value. (v 04.05.04)
  • FIXED: Control Panel toolbar layout issue in DNN 7.2 (v 04.05.04)
  • FIXED: Fixed links to support and other areas to reflect current URLs. (v 04.05.04)
  • FIXED: Date format type does not show up in list of available formats in Format tag's designer. (v 04.05.04)
  • FIXED: Removed unnecessary span tag from <xmod:Redirect> rendering. (v 04.05.04)

  • UPDATED: Colorbox to 1.5.3.