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XMod Pro 4.8 Released

XMod Pro is moving forward once again. We released a brand-new documentation site last month and this month we're happy to announce version 4.8, with new features and some bug fixes.

By: Kelly Ford On: 12/07/2018

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I'm really happy to let you know that we just released version 4.8 of XMP. Whereas our last release was strictly to provide a DNN 9.2 compatible version of XMP, this release fixes some issues and adds a few features. In other words, we're moving forward with XMP's development again.

​New Documentation Center

The most noticeable change is our new Online Documentation here: https://www.dnndev.com/help/xmodpro/index.html

This is now a publicly accessible GitHub repository that allows you to make changes to the documentation by submitting pull requests and/or opening issues. You can find the repository here: https://github.com/dnndev/xmp-docs

I announced the new docs at the end of November and already we've received some community-contributed fixes and modified some topics. Going forward, this will be the most up-to-date version of our docs.

XMod Pro Changes

First of all, a big thanks to Patrick Ryan for his contributions to this release. Give him a pat on the back for all his hard work.

  • ADDED: Robots property added to the <MetaTags> control
  • ADDED: You can now specify external database connections for the DNN search integration (on the Configure XMod Pro page of the module). Previously, only the default DNN database was available.
  • ADDED: The <Email> form action now allows you to attach multiple files to an email.
  • ADDED: The <Email> form action now allows you to specify a site root-relative path by using the tilde character (~).
  • FIXED: Issue where pressing the <CancelButton> in an edit form still processed the <Redirect> directive. Redirects specified via <Redirect> are no longer processed when the user Cancels out of a form. However, redirects specified on the <CancelButton> tag itself are still processed as before.
  • UPDATED: Better error handling when a referenced <ControlDataSource> in a form did not exist or contained incorrect syntax (i.e. additional double-quotes) that invalidated the underlying ASP.NET control.
  • UPDATED: Better error handling for <ListBox> control when referencing a <ControlDataSource>