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How to Automatically Login a User After Registration

So you love the ability to create your own custom registration forms but wished you could automatically authenticate the user and allow them to login automatically after registration? Now you can, and it couldn't be easier.

By: Patrick Ryan On: 05/14/2014

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XMod Pro is a development tool and like many development tools, you sometimes run into a seemingly insurmountable barrier - a problem you don't think the tool can solve. So, you devise a workaround and move on. After several days or maybe even months, you come back to the problem and discover the answer was staring you in the face the whole time. I just had one of those A-HA! moments.

In my case, I simply didn't think it was possible to automatically login a user to my DNN site immediately after registration using XMod Pro. Turns out, I was wrong. And the beauty is that the solution is remarkably logical, simple, and straightforward.

To register a new user in DNN using XMod Pro, you use the <AddUser> action. To log a user into the DNN site, you use XMod Pro's <Login> action.

The great thing about Actions is that they are executed in the order in which they are used within your form. That means if <AddUser> is defined in your form before the <Login> action, it will be executed before the <Login> action. That means you can use the same username and password information the user just entered to log the user in. If the <AddUser> action was successful, the user will be registered and will be logged in.

See how easy this really is?

<div class="xmp-form-row">

	<Label class="xmp-form-label"> </Label>
	<AddButton Text="Add" Redirect="." RedirectMethod="GET"> </AddButton>

	<AddUser Email='[[Email]]' Username='[[Username]]' Password='[[Password]]' 
	FirstName='[[Firstname]]' LastName='[[Lastname]]' Approved="true" 
	RoleNames="Registered Users"> </AddUser>

	<Login Password='[[Password]]' RememberMe="True" Username='[[Username]]' />

In the code example, I added a redirect back to the same page for testing. It shows the user signed in and authenticated. 

That's all there is to it. Enjoy!