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XMod Pro Timeline Featured In New DNN Site

We're proud to see the XMP Timeline Module Kit in action in the new DotNetNuke site DNNSoftware.com.

By: Ryan Moore On: 07/10/2013

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We're proud to see the XMP Timeline Module Kit in action in the new DotNetNuke site!

If you haven't seen it yet, there's been some exciting news in the world of DotNetNuke including a complete rebranding of DNN, new logo design, new site design and more!

I had a small preview into that new development when Scott Willhite reached out to us a few weeks ago to help setup the XMod Pro Timeline in the new site. If you're not familiar with the Module Kit, it's been updated recently and you can learn about it here:

and can download it from either the DNN Store:
or from the downloads section here in the DNNDev site:

Working together with DNN's Clint Patterson on the timeline, we helped with setup in the site while he worked on adding new information to the default module kit example records. Best of all, he added many new dates with pictures and videos to help make it a rich history of DotNetNuke for you to browse through.

Talking with Clint about the new site release and timeline, he mentioned that, "XMod Pro is one of the few third party modules on the new DNN site."

We're certainly excited about the rebranded look and new directions ahead for DNN and we're proud to see the Timeline kit in use where it can really shine as an example for the DNN and XMod Pro community!

See the timeline on the new DNNSoftware.com

Free Module Kits are designed for and, thus, require XMod Pro in order to run.

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