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XMod Pro - Building Community At DNN World 2012

I'm heading to DNN World 2012 in Orlando, Florida and Kelly's set us up with some fun prizes to give out to those loyal XMod Pro fans we meet at the convention!

By: Ryan Moore On: 10/08/2012

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DNN World 2012
I'm heading to DNN World 2012 in Orlando, Florida and Kelly's set us up with some fun prizes to give out to those loyal XMod Pro fans we meet at the convention. I'll update this blog post with news from the trip, and most importantly, information on how and when you can get prizes if you're there!
>> Tue Night ODUG Update Posted!
>> Wed Night Welcome Party Update Posted!
>> Thurs Night After Dark Party Update Posted!

DNN World Trip

YEAH! Dustin and I are heading to DNN World 2012!
In this blog post, I'll make some announcements about the event, festivities and giveaways, and will post updates as the week goes on.

ODUG - Orlando DNN User Group Meeting
We'll start the week by attending the Orlando DNN User Group meeting on Tuesday evening where they'll be kicking off DNN World festivities with the arrival. ODUG writes, "Our speaker is coming all the way from the other side of the Globe. This will be a can’t-miss meeting. Bruce Chapman (our mystery speaker), will be giving us a heads up on “URL Best Practices for DotNetNuke”. If you are not familiar with Bruce, be sure to check out www.ifinity.com.au. Bruce is without question one of the best DotNetNuke resources around, and one you absolutely want to get to know."

It is also rumored that Will Strohl might arrive to the meeting fresh off of an Awesome Cycles branded bicycle. If you're not familiar with the importance and fun of that arrival and bike ride from Will, be sure to check out his Ignite session back at Charlotte Day Of DNN, where he explained his new passion (that inspired the bike trip) in his Change or Die" Ignite Session. I can't wait to see him at the event to say congratulations!

>> Tue Night, 10/09 Update - Had a great time at the ODUG meeting tonight! It was a packed room, perhaps 30 oor 35 of us in a room meant for 10 and we packed in to see Bruce Chapman, maker of the phenominal iFinity URL rewriter talk URL best practices. During the evening, we handed out XMod Pro demo/download cards and showed off one of the RC Helicopters that we'll be giving out on Thursday and Friday (see notes below for info). We met with other DNN-related companies, makers of modules (like Peter Donker, the man behind the fantastic Document Management Exchange, and Scott from Ventrian), and also had a great time meeting with other DNN fans, developers and users, the star of which has to be the one that was sporting a FRESH NEW DNN TATTOO!

XMod Pro Giveaways At The Event
We've got some fun items to hand out to the XMod Pro users that we meet during the days at the convention for XMod Pro fans!
  • We have awesome orange XMod Pro "Go Build Something" shirts to give out to those attending. I plan to give out shirts every few hours on Thursday and Friday. To get a shirt, just post a message on twitter during the day of stating "I love using #XModPro for #DNN" and every couple of hours I'll tweet the winners back to meetup and pickup their XMod Pro Tshirt.
  • We have a few free licenses as well, I'll be handing those out to developers that are new to XMod Pro and want to try it out.
  • Best of all, one per day, I’ll have an awesome XMod Orange RC Helicopter to give out at the end of the day! These things look awesome and are tons of fun to fly. If we get a chance on Thursday, at the back of some conference room, we'll unpack one to give it a spin! To win these, I plan to go back through the day's #XModPro related tweets and pick a winner from the day, so be sure to get those tweets in!
Awesome XMP TSHirts  Awesome XMP RC Helicopter  Awesome XMP RC Helicopter 

>> Thurs Night, 10/12 Update - Wow, long day... starting early at 8 for the keynote, going till 11 in the After Dark party was a long day to be on your feet and moving around! I'll post more notes and reflections later, but thought I'd put out a few thoughts... Oh also photos below, click to view larger...

The keynote from Navin was thought provoking... he described parts that, at first, I could not imagine why DNN would head that direction, or where/why that direction was important, but during this, he relayed an analogy of a supermarket in one building and the customer lounge for chatting being two completely seperate buildings... and how you wouldn't expect a cusomer to leave one building to go to another location for conversation and go to another for shopping... if you have quesitons in the supermarket, you ask questions while right there. I realize that i'm completely relaying this concept without depth or not as eloquently as Navine did, but it was an excellent point and made the direction of the talk clear. DNN is moving towards their promise to make DNN insanely easy to use.

Afterward, the day was filled with sessions, meetups, conversations and more. We meet so many developers that love using XMod Pro, met with clients we'd helped with custom XMP development and lit up twitter with posts from all the XMP fans who vied for prizes. We handed out XMod Pro TShirts and at the end of the day, the XMP RC Copter!

The DNN After Dark party was a great party... there was a superhero theme, many from DNN Corp were dressed and we saw people as Batman, Flash, Indy, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and more. There were coctails flowing, deals and conversations going and I'll post more photos if you ask for more... it was an awesome evening!

DNNWorld  DNNWorld  DNNWorld 
DNNWorld  DNNWorld  DNNWorld 
DNNWorld  DNNWorld  DNNWorld 
DNNWorld  DNNWorld  DNNWorld 

XMod Pro Ignite Session - "Building Custom DNN Solutions With XMod Pro"

XMod Pro Ignite Session At DNN World

If you're coming to DNN World, be sure to check out the XMod Pro Ignite session that I'm presenting! Just like we did at the Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke (that we helped host in my home town of Charlotte), DNN World 2012 is having Ignite Sessions on at the close of the conference on Friday afternoon from 3:30 – 4:30.

For those who may not have heard of Ignite, it is a series of quick 5 minute presentations on any topic. Each presentation consists of 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. This format requires speakers to be organized and succinct and allows us to get through 8 speakers in our 50 minute timeslot. Those who attended the Day of DotNetNuke Charlotte know how powerful this format can be.

About DNN World 2012  October 10-12  |  Orlando, Florida


DotNetNuke World is the annual user conference specifically designed for developers, web designers, administrators, business decision makers, and end users on the DotNetNuke Platform.This year the conference will be held in Orlando, Florida on October 10th through the 12th at the Buena Vista Palace.

>> Wed Night, 10/10 Update - Had a great time at the Wednesday night welcome reception... held poolside, around 80 to 100 DNN developers, module makers, users and corporate turned out to socialize. We joined the conversation and talked development and DNN integration, building solutions within XMod Pro and met plenty of avid XMP fans!

MooreCreative XMOD Development Blog
In the MooreCreative XMOD PRO Development Blog, I'll try to share some of the thoughts and ideas that we've come up with on a day-to-day basis as my development company uses DNN + XMOD PRO to tackle client projects. I'll include items such as tips/tricks, did-you-know articles, troubleshooting/testing examples as well as posting samples solutions and explanations behind our experience working with XMOD and jQuery functions, PageBlaster, ZLDNN Article, and other modules/elements.

If you would like to see us tackle a topic, especially anything out of the forums that could use further examples, please, don't hesitate to email me, and I'll look into preparing it for a blog post.