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XMod Pro 4.7.0 Released

We're happy to announce the release of the latest version of XMod Pro - the #1 module for building DotNetNuke (DNN) and Evoq apps. See what is new and changed in version 04.07.00.

By: Melinda (DNNDev) On: 01/22/2016

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Release Date: 01/18/2016
Assembly Date: 01/18/2016

Before You Install...

  • Check the Assembly Date: This release has a date associated with it (01/18/2016). Ensure that your license is still active as of that date before installing. Otherwise the software will not function. To renew your license or check on its status, visit your Subscription Management Page

  • Backup Your Data And Files: Whenever you do an upgrade please backup your database and web files prior to installing -- just in case you need to quickly rollback to the previous version.


  • ADDED: XMod Pro Exchange integration. Now you can browse the free community exchange of solutions, forms, templates, and feeds and install many of them directly from within XMod Pro's Control Panel.
  • ADDED: "ShowIf" property on the form Panel tag to allow hide/show functionality based on basic value expressions.
  • ADDED: Enable ControlDataSource to use stored procedures. Specify CommandType="StoredProcedure".
  • ADDED: Chrome/FF/Opera users can resize the form builder editing area; Sorry IE and Edge Users.
  • ADDED: Multi-form: Dynamically load form from Add/Edit buttons/links/images. These controls now have a Form property which takes the name of the form to load.
  • ADDED: FormBuilder: New controls are now inserted above the validation summary if one exists.
  • ADDED: [[Module:Title]] token to list of tokens available in the form/template editor toolbars.
  • FIXED: <xmod:ScriptBlock> tag designer (template) does not render the BlockType property.
  • FIXED: Typo in template editor designer for DataCommand. ConnectionSring should be ConnectionString.
  • FIXED: Send Email Action in Form Builder does not save BCC, CC, and ReplyTo attributes.
  • FIXED: Global Forms will not save in global folder when created without using Formbuilder.
  • FIXED: <xmod:LoadFeedLink> and <xmod:LoadFeedImage> do not render.
  • FIXED: <xmod:LoadFeedImage> Throws Error if No Image URL.
  • FIXED: InlineEditor: ControlDataSource, SelectCommand, SubmitCommand designers do not load DNN database tables.
  • FIXED: InlineEditor: Label and ControlDataSource do not show their tag designers.
  • FIXED: Editor: Re-instate JS syntax highlighting for jQueryReady blocks.
  • FIXED: FormBuilder: DataSource defaults to DNN DB tables when in edit mode even when it wasn't previously selected.
  • FIXED: FormBuilder: Datafield dropdowns retained values from previous form in some cases.
  • FIXED: AddButton, UpdateButton, CancelButton: Error when using Ampersand in Text within the form builder.
  • FIXED: FormBuilder: Not saving the DataType of the validator for <Validate Type="Range" />
  • FIXED: User is signed out on multi-portal sites when feed is called without passing "portalid=#". (LoadFeed, FeedButton|Link|Image)
  • FIXED: FormBuilder: Theme selection does not stay after initial form save.
  • FIXED: Feed ViewRoles should allow commas in addition to semi-colon separators.
  • FIXED: Custom Form Action errors not being processed from external DLLs.
  • FIXED: TabStrip did not honor Font-Underline, Font-Overline, Font-Italic.
  • FIXED: AddToRoles form tag does not respect the IF property when UserId or RoleNames are not valid.
  • FIXED: RemoveFromRoles form tag did not respect the IF property.
  • FIXED: [[DateAdd:...]] token did not render current time when retrieving current date/time. [[DateAdd:0,d,MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss]]
  • FIXED: Tooltip Property on Redirect button broken.
  • FIXED: Integer Output parameters being treated as Strings (requiring a Size be set) not Integers.
  • FIXED: EditButton and EditImage caused validation error when using Ajax and SearchSort.
  • FIXED: CheckBox Validator displayed as static when it should have been dynamic by default.
  • FIXED: Duplicate "OnClientClick" attributes displaying in form and template editor dialogs.
  • FIXED: Checkbox did not show as checked when form attribute is set to true.
  • FIXED: Output parameters from stored procedures cannot be POST'ed as part of a <Redirect> tag.
  • FIXED: Unable to update forms, templates, feeds as the result of overwrite checking introduced in 4.7.0. (v 04.07.01)
  • FIXED: Forms loaded via the new dynamic form load feature of Add and Edit buttons would not show the template view after clicking the Cancel button or after submitting the form. (v04.07.02)
  • ADDED: XMod Pro can now be used on "dnndev.me" (in addition to "localhost") without activation. (v04.07.03)
  • FIXED: Issue where stricter data type checking caused <Variable> tag to throw an error of cannot convert string to int32. (v04.07.03)
  • FIXED: XMod Pro Exchange would not load on local host if site was not set up as a website. (v04.07.03)
  • FIXED: Setting Encoding property on xmod:Feed causes error.Valid values now are: utf7, utf8, utf16, utf32, ascii. (v04.07.03)
  • FIXED: Removed Debug Messages from EmailHelper. (v04.07.03)
  • FIXED: <xmod:EditImage> Width and Height not rendering. (v04.07.03)
  • FIXED: <xmod:Redirect> button style attribute values not set on rendered control. (v04.07.03)
  • DOCUMENTATION: Fixed confusing use of Text property for image based controls. The proper property is AlternateText. (v04.07.03)
  • FIXED: Issue where failed form actions would prevent re-submission of the form (v04.07.04, Release Date and Assembly Date: 5/31/2016).
  • FIXED: Issue where [[User:xxx]] token for Country and Region would return a number instead of the text (v04.07.05, Release Date and Assembly Date: 7/10/2017).
  • FIXED: Added Byte Order Mark (BOM) to feeds because Excel has some difficulty opening files if it is not included (v04.07.05, Release Date and Assembly Date: 7/10/2017).
  • FIXED: xmod:Redirect with a DisplayType of Button or ImageButton did not render the CssClass attribute (v04.07.05, Release Date and Assembly Date: 7/10/2017).
  • FIXED: Issue where you could not assign a Field Token to the ‘Approved’ property of the UpdateUser form tag (v04.07.05, Release Date and Assembly Date: 7/10/2017).
  • FIXED: Issue where xmod:ScriptBlock tags RegisterOnce property did not function correctly in some DNN versions. Thanks Patrick Ryan (v04.07.05, Release Date and Assembly Date: 7/10/2017).
  • UPDATED: Small UX tweak - When creating a new template with the New Template wizard, unchecking the ‘Include Details View’ checkbox will automatically uncheck the ‘Include Details Button&rlsquo; checkbox on the Buttons tab (v04.07.05, Release Date and Assembly Date: 7/10/2017).
  • FIXED: Issue when using the HeadScript BlockType of the ScriptBlock tag to load jQuery-dependent code. Versions prior to 4.7.5 would load your script after DNN injected jQuery. Version 4.7.5 loaded your script _before_ jQuery was loaded, causing ‘jQuery undefined’ errors (v04.07.06, Release Date: 7/20/2017 and Assembly Date: 7/10/2017).