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XMod Pro 4.4 Released

We are happy to announce the release of XMod Pro 4.4 - a new feature release for XMod Pro, compatible with Windows SQL Azure Database

By: Melinda (DNNDev) On: 07/12/2013

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We are happy to announce the release of XMod Pro 4.4 - a new feature release compatible with Windows SQL Azure Database.

XMod Pro has added SQL Azure Database compatibility. This means that we've added to XMod Pro's amazing flexibility, so it can now also run on DNN and DNN’s Evoq in the Cloud, on Windows Azure.

Changes and Fixes:

  • ADDED: SQL Azure Database Compatibility

  • ADDED: New <Include> and <xmod:Include> tags that allow you to inject raw text into the page. Very handy for inserting often used HTML snippets or shared blocks of text/html/script.

  • ADDED: Enabled [[ConnectionString:connStrName]] tokens in FormBuilder, TemplateBuilder, and FeedBuilder.

  • ADDED: Database Tools page will now automatically create a Clustered Primary Key Index on the first Identity field it finds. This is good in general for performance of the table, but it's also required for SQL Azure compatibility.

  • ADDED: You can now use pipe (|) characters in your module settings by escaping them as double pipes (||)

  • ADDED: Properties for Error Message Overrides in AddUser form Action. Messages for:ErrMsgLoginFailed, ErrMsgNotApproved, ErrMsgLockout

  • FIXED: FormBuilder validator doesn't handle AddUser tag that doesn't have ID or Label.

  • FIXED: Form's EditSuccessTemplate did not render stored procedure output parameters.

  • UPDATED: Colorbox to 1.4.26 (drops support for IE6) fixes many issues with jQuery 1.9+ changes.

XMod Pro 4.4 is now available for free download and installation from our Downloads page for our existing customers with active subscriptions as of 7/12/2013.

Thank you for your continued support of XMod Pro.

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