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XMod Pro 4.3 Released

We are happy to announce the release of XMod Pro 4.3 - a new feature release for XMod Pro. We've made wide-ranging improvements.

By: Melinda (DNNDev) On: 05/23/2013

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We are happy to announce the release of XMod Pro 4.3 - a new feature release for XMod Pro.

We've made wide-ranging improvements throughout the application including JSON output in Feeds to ease integration of your data with jQuery plugins and JavaScript libraries.

This release also focuses on editing with XMod Pro. We've added a new Snippets feature that allows you to define and re-use your own text, CSS, XMP, Javascript, and other text in your forms, templates, and feeds. Additionally, the text editors now include mixed syntax highlighting not just for HTML, but for CSS and Javascript as well. And did we mention the editor now auto-closes tags?

Elsewhere we've added new tokens for users and a new set of tokens to retrieve information about the current page (Credit for this idea goes to Kenneth Blue at the North Carolina Farm Bureau). You'll notice other small improvements throughout the software and a good collection of bug fixes too.

We hope you enjoy this version of XMod Pro. We appreciate your continued support!

Here's what's new, changed, and fixed....

  • ADDED: JSON output in XMod Pro Feeds via the new tag.
  • ADDED: Snippets. Text Editors now have access to a user-definable set of code snippets which you can create and insert into your forms, templates, and feeds.
  • ADDED: new MetaTags child tag - . This allows you to insert a 'refresh' meta tag that redirects to another URL. This can also be placed inside an tag so the redirect can be conditional based on data.
  • ADDED: FormBuilder now allows you to select which Database columns you want to include in the form.
  • ADDED: FormBuilder will now optionally attempt to add validation to the controls it creates based on the columns in your selected table. It will add Required Field validators to columns that do not allow nulls and will add data type check validators for certain data types. As with any automated process, you should double-check to ensure the added validators meet your data input needs.
  • ADDED: ControlDataSource to text editor of forms. This allows you to choose the table and columns as well as sorting.
  • ADDED: SendVerificationEmail property to tag in forms. When True, this will trigger DNN.
  • ADDED: SelectCommand to form text editor which allows selection of DNN or External DB tables.
  • ADDED: SubmitCommand to form text editor which allows selection of DNN or External DB tables as well as choosing a key field. Users can select to generate an INSERT or UPDATE command.
  • ADDED: Ability to use "." as the target in tags which can be used as a shortcut for the current page. This makes it easy to postback to the same page without having to specify a URL.
  • ADDED: form, template, and feed editors in the control panel will auto-expand to accommodate longer files.
  • ADDED: Text editors auto-close tags.
  • ADDED: Mixed syntax highlighting for html, Javascript, and CSS in text editors.
  • ADDED: Better mouse handling when hovering over form builder canvas.
  • ADDED: [[User:LastLoginDate]], [[User:CreatedDate]], [[User:Website]] tokens.
  • ADDED: Form FileUpload control, when using the FileUploadAndSelect DisplayMode, will display the File browser control instead of the user having to click a button to show it.
  • ADDED: Form FileUpload control, when using FilePicker mode, the initial "Upload" link that is clicked to display the file browser control, no longer posts back. Requires jQuery on the page.
  • ADDED: More tags and tokens to editor drop-downs.
  • ADDED: [[Page:Name]], [[Page:Title]], [[Page:Id]] tokens (idea credit: Kenneth Blue)
  • ADDED: User tokens and Portal Tokens to Feeds. These are available ONLY IF the feed is being called within a current DNN session.
  • FIXED: When using the DateInput form control, setting the DataType to Date (and the corresponding DataField to a column with a Date data type) would not allow dates earlier than 1/1/1753.
  • FIXED: When creating a new non-FormBuilder form, if you enter an invalid form name, you are unable to change the name.
  • FIXED: Template text editor: Closing tag not rendered correctly for xmod:LoadFeedLink/Button/Image.
  • FIXED: Dependent Dropdown list controls throw error when placed inside a (Thanks to Richard Evans).
  • FIXED: IfEmpty and IfNotEmpty tags do not play well with tokens.
  • FIXED: SubmitCommands and SelectCommands not rendered in EditForm when using External source with manually created form.
  • FIXED: SubmitCommands and SelectCommands not rendered with ConnectionString when using External source with manually created form.
  • MINOR CHANGE: Increased FormBuilder control designer width to 480px from 400px.
  • MINOR CHANGE: Set TabSize in text editors to 2. It was 4.
  • MINOR CHANGE: Save and Cancel button on ModuleSettings and FormView ModuleSettings now use dnnPrimaryAction and dnnSecondaryAction CSS class names.

XMod Pro 4.3 is available now for free download and installation from our Downloads page for our existing customers with active subscriptions as of 5/23/2013.

Thanks for your continued support of XMod Pro.

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