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Troubleshooting Activation Issues

Trouble activating? Check out this article.

By: Kelly Ford On: 05/27/2013

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XMod Pro requires that you activate your license once you've installed it on your production server. In most cases, the activation process goes smoothly. However, there are situations that will cause some hiccups. Rather than hold your breath or have someone scare you (neither of which I've found does anything to cure my hiccups), here are some things to try:

  1. Make sure you've installed the latest version of XMod Pro. You can find it here on the site. Under the Clients menu, select Downloads. Make sure you're logged-in with the username associated with your XMod Pro purchase.

  2. Verify you're entering the correct information. If you receive an error message like "Service date could not be parsed" or, when attempting a manual activation, you receive a "License could not be found" message, double-check the information you entered. For your account, you should supply the email address associated with your DNN Store (formerly Snowcovered) account. For the invoice, use the invoice number found on your receipt from the DNN Store. This information should also have been sent to you from our web server - from [email protected] when you ordered.

  3. If #2 does not solve your problem, you may have a permissions issue in the directory where the license file is stored. In your website, make sure that the DNN application has full permissions on the /Portals/_default directory. Next, locate the XModProLicense.config file in that directory. Make a backup copy then delete the file. Restart your application to clear any cache on the server and try the activation process again.

  4. Ensure that jQuery is registered on the page where you're trying to activate the module.

  5. "Undefined Error" If you receive an 'undefined error' when trying to activate, check to see if you have SSL enabled for your site. You'll find it under the Admin/Site Settings page. If it is enabled, try disabling it. Uncheck both SSL boxes - the one to enable SSL and the one to enforce SSL. Be sure to click the update button to save your changes, then try re-activating. You can then go back and re-enable SSL.