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Supported Data Types in XMod Pro

We've created a table listing the SQL Server data type and its XMod Pro equivalent, if available.

By: Kelly Ford On: 05/24/2013

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XMod Pro data-bound controls enable you to specify the type of data the control will accept. Some controls may limit you to a specific type of data (for instance, a checkbox control might only allow boolean values). The list of valid data types is below:

  • Boolean
  • DateTime
  • Decimal
  • Double
  • Byte
  • Int16
  • Int32
  • Int64
  • Single
  • String

SQL Server Data Type to XMod Pro Data Type Conversion

To make the process of linking your fields up with XMod Pro easier, we've created a table listing the SQL Server data type and its XMod Pro equivalent, if available. While currently, XMod Pro is designed for SQL Server, it does not support every field type. The goal is to keep XMod Pro loosely coupled so that other databases and data sources can be added in the future. Also, keep in mind that while a certain data type may have an XMod Pro equivalent, you should ensure that the values accepted from your users do not exceed the limitations of the data type. For instance, if you choose the NChar datatype in SQL Server, you should use the String XMod Pro data type. However, you need to ensure the text entered falls within the limits of the NChar field (4,000 characters for SQL Server 2005). We have noted limitations for some data types.

SQL Server Data Type XMod Pro Data Type
BigInt Int64
Binary Not Supported
Bit Boolean
Char String (subject to Char size limits)
Date Date (supported as of XMod Pro 3.1)
DateTime DateTime
DateTime2 DateTime (supported as of XMod Pro 3.1)
DateTimeOffset Not Supported
Decimal Decimal
Float Double
Image Not Supported
Int Int32
Money Decimal. Do not include currency symbols (i.e $) in value.
NChar String (subject to NChar size limits)
NText String
NVarChar String (subject to NVarChar size limits)
Real Single
SmallDateTime DateTime (subject to SmallDateTime size limits)
SmallInt Int16
SmallMoney Decimal (subject to SmallMoney size limits). Do not include currency symbols (i.e $) in value.
Structured Not Supported
Text String
Time Use SQL DateTime data type instead)
Timestamp Not Supported
TinyInt Byte (supported as of XMod Pro 3.1)
Udt Not Supported
UniqueIdentifier String (supported as of XMod Pro 3.1) Ensure your data is formatted accordingly
VarBinary Not Supported
VarChar String (subject to VarChar size limits)
Variant Not Supported
Xml String (supported as of XMod Pro 3.1)