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Southern Fried DNN

Charlotte NC DNN Event April 2013

By: Ryan Moore On: 02/23/2013

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To show off our new Timeline XMod Pro Module Kit, and in support of the QCDUG 2 day event, "Southern Fried DNN", I posted the new "History of DotNetNuke" timeline to the event site. Here are some thoughts on the timeline, and the event!  
Using the New Timeline XMod Pro Module Kit for the Southern Fried DNN event site

Here at the Charlotte-area Queen City DotNetNuke User Group, we're all pitching in to help run and support this, our second major DotNetNuke event in the area! After the success of the 2012 Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke, we're putting on another one, this time with extra down-home Southern goodness, it's the Southern Fried DNN event!.

I've volunteered the developers of my company to help during the day of the event as volunteers, and I've helped pitch in by working on design and development wherever we can. Our designer, Allison put together the Southern Fried DNN logo and then I'm helping work on a few pages of the website, www.southernfrieddnn.com.

A History of DotNetNuke Timeline Later, I'll setup the schedule pages and calendar of events/sessions using other XMP Module Kits and customization, but for now, one of the first pages that I have worked with was something to show off our pride in the history of DotNetNuke with a timeline of releases, updates, events and more over the years. Using the XMod Pro Timeline Module kit, setting up a history or timeline of any organization or topic is a breeze, and it LOOKS AWESOME thanks to the incredible JS Timeline it uses.

Remember, the Timeline History XMod Pro Module Kit is available for download free when you log into the DNNDev website (and go to the Clients/Downloads section), and for free on the DotNetNuke store.


I'll tell you, though, coming up with the list of events and items to put in the DNN timeline was hard to do! I would love to see some comments and posts from readers on events and especially photos/images and videos that we should consider adding into the timeline. I'd love to help make it a more rich timeline in the future!  

Charlotte DNN User Group Even - Southern Fried DNN April 2013

About the Charlotte DotNetNuke Event, SOUTHERN FRIED DNN  Friday April 12th and Saturday April 13th (April 2013)


Friday Intro-Level DNN Training Tracks - Based on feedback from last years Charlotte Day Of DotNetNuke event, QCDUG will be putting on a full day of training for Administrators, Skinners and Programmers. These are training tracks for the basics and introductions to the topics for people who are new to DNN so that we can help get them started in the right direction!

Saturday Speaker Sessions & DNN Networking - The Day of DotNetNuke sessions are FREE 1hr sessions that cover a wide range of topics. We are still in the process of picking speakers and topics - check back later in February for a complete list.

I believe that my topic on optimizing Community DNN instances with Cloud Caching and CDN options has been scheduled, and of course, if you ran into Dustin or myself at the 2012 DNN World in Florida, you'll recognize us as we'll be giving away XMod Pro info, shirts and a few more orange helicopters again! So be sure to track us down for yours!

MooreCreative XMOD Development Blog
In the MooreCreative XMOD PRO Development Blog, I'll try to share some of the thoughts and ideas that we've come up with on a day-to-day basis as my development company uses DNN + XMOD PRO to tackle client projects. I'll include items such as tips/tricks, did-you-know articles, troubleshooting/testing examples as well as posting samples solutions and explanations behind our experience working with XMOD and jQuery functions, PageBlaster, ZLDNN Article, and other modules/elements.

If you would like to see us tackle a topic, especially anything out of the forums that could use further examples, please, don't hesitate to email me, and I'll look into preparing it for a blog post.