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Our Pro DotNetNuke Forms Module Got A Lot Better

XMod Pro 2.0 Released! - In this release, you will see dramatic improvements in your ability to quickly create forms and views from your DotNetNuke databases.

By: Kelly Ford On: 01/25/2010

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Have you heard the news? We've just released XMod Pro 2.0. Just like we've done with XMod, we are letting our customers guide XMod Pro's development. In this release, you will see dramatic improvements in your ability to quickly create forms and views from your DotNetNuke databases. The best news is that, because of our policy of providing a year of upgrade protection to our customers, all XMod Pro 1.x owners get 2.0 for FREE. Read on for a list of new features

We released a flurry of new versions in the 1.x line of XMod Pro. Through it all, we paid careful attention to the feedback we got from you. We concentrated on the core data-handling and functionality of the prodcut through those 1.x releases. During that time, though, you told us that while XMod Pro was super-cool and powerful, you cried out for helper tools to make you more productive.

In 1.4 we added an inline editor making it possible edit your forms and templates with one click rather than having to go through several page postbacks. That got rave reviews from customers and inspired us for version 2.0

In version 2, we've consolidated the administration functions into the new Control Panel.

Major Enhancements to Manage Forms and Manage Templates:

Existing customers will recognize these screens, but we've added a bunch of new functionality:

  • Live Previews: With a single click you can preview the form/template. It's a live preview, so you can click the Add button on a form and see what the validation looks like, for instance. If you've added any records, you can preview the data in your list template and even click through to see the detail view of records. You can also page through the result set. 

  • Inline Editor Comes to the Management Pages: You like the inline editor so much, we've made it the editor for the Manage Forms/Templates pages.

  • Copy: You asked for it, we've added it. Now you can copy a form or template with one click.

  • Rename: Another customer request - click to rename your form/template. Quick, simple, painless.

  • Quick Form/Template Creator: This is a great feature. At its most basic, you can click a button to generate a basic skeleton of a form or template. Even better, you can select a table from your DNN database and XMod Pro will auto-magically generate the form/template, complete all the data commands and functionality (like adding, editng, deleing, and paging-through records).

Create Tables From Within XMod Pro:

Now you don't have to leave XMod Pro to create tables in your DNN database. It provides the Table Designer on the new Database Tools page of the Control Panel. With it you can add columns, set each columns data type, set whether it allows nulls, whether it is an identity field, and even a default value.  You also have the option to have XMod Pro generate a form and template (all wired up) at the same time it creates the table.

New Form Builder Makes Form Creation a Stylish, Easy-to-Use Experience

We love the new Form Builder. Simply select the table you want to base your form on and select which columns to include in the form. Need to re-order the controls on the form? No problem, just drag and drop them into place. Next, you'll see a live preview of your form. At this point you can choose to have left or right-aligned labels or labels on top of the controls; you can adjust the width of the labels column, and you can can apply one of many stylish themes to your form to give it a polished look.

Our customers already love the themes. We include a bunch out-of-the box and they can all be applied with one click. You can even immediately see the changes in the Live Preview. Even better, you can roll-your-own themes with the free jQuery UI ThemeRoller and install them in XMod Pro. This allows you to create the exact color scheme you need and immediately apply it to your forms with a single click of the mouse.

You may think I'm exaggerating but you can literally create forms and views in minutes. Heck Angus Beare of Gus Carraway Design is on record as saying he actually created a template from a table in 3 seconds! Can you beat his time?

With this release, I think XMod Pro is the best DotNetNuke Forms Module available. I hope you agree.

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