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Introduction to Development With XMod Pro

06/02/2012 - Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke Speaking Session

By: Ryan Moore On: 05/20/2012

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Well, it's official, I'm set to give a 45 minute session at the upcoming Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke! I'll be giving an updated and condensed version of the presentation that I gave at the QCDUG (our Charlotte area "Queen City DotNetNuke User Group) meetings in 2012. 

I'm looking forward to this session and am excited to have the opportunity to share XMod Pro with so many other DNNers that might not have seen XMod in a while and to introduce others to what can be done in XMod Pro 4!


Charlotte Day Of DotNetNuke


XMod Pro Session At Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke



My submission was accepted by the Charlotte Day Of DotNetNuke panel so I'll be giving a 45 minute presentation on XMod Pro. The funny thing, too, is that I'll be out of the country at the time! The surprise timing and location chosen for the Day Of DotNetNuke coming to my back yard here in Charlotte was, well... an exciting surprise! And although I'll be in the Virgin Islands on vacation, I had to participate if possible! So I'll be giving a remote presentation and will have Dustin Moore my lead developer and #2 at Moore Creative there to help run the presentation and give away prizes, etc!

Charlotte Day Of DotNetNuke


I'll be giving an updated and condensed version of the presentation that I gave at the QCDUG (our Charlotte area "Queen City DotNetNuke User Group) meetings in 2012. That presentation was a two-part that covered an introduction in the first session and code examples and hands-on template and solution building in the second session. In this session for the Charlotte Day Of DotNetNuke, I'll try to do a good solid introduction along with some code examples to really drive home home how easy it is to build module solutions with XMP. They'll also have an "Ignite" session that is a rapid pace 5-minute-limited session, and if I can get organized for it, I might have a 5 minute video where I make one or multiple solutions in just minutes, just to prove the point of how quickly you can build with XMod Pro!

Here's the basic outline for the session for Saturday:


Develop Custom DotNetNuke Solutions With XMod Pro!

Duration: 45 min  |  Location: 8th Floor - Room 804

What if you could invest a small fraction of the time and money and build not just one project, but 10... or 100? That’s what XMod Pro offers - the ability to quickly create as many custom solutions as you need. And it’s backed by the experience of DNNDev.com which has been producing best-selling dynamic custom forms modules for DotNetNuke since 2004.

• What types of DNN’ers use XMod Pro?
• See XMod Pro examples in action!
• XMP - Module Kits – Get Free Pre-made solutions and demos!
• How do you work within XMod Pro?
• How much does it cost?
• Learn what people are saying about XMod Pro

Ryan Moore  |  The Moore Creative Company  |  http://www.moorecreative.com/dotnetnuke.html  |  @moorecreativeco

About the Charlotte Day Of DotNetNuke  Saturday June 2nd (6/2/2012)





Charlotte Day Of DotNetNuke

The Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke® is a free event serving those who are interested in learning about the world's largest .NET based open source framework, DotNetNuke®. This event attracts many industry experts who are willing to share knowledge and experience about DotNetNuke® and it creates in-person networking opportunity for community members around the world.

Community.  Mobile.  Social.  DotNetNuke 6.2 Goes Social!

Join us for a FREE Day of DotNetNuke in beautiful Uptown Charlotte, NC.  Enjoy a full day packed with tips and techniques from world-class speakers at this International event. Get excited for the upcoming "Social" release of 6.2 and get this skin as a free gift for attending.

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MooreCreative XMOD Development Blog
In the MooreCreative XMOD PRO Development Blog, I'll try to share some of the thoughts and ideas that we've come up with on a day-to-day basis as my development company uses DNN + XMOD PRO to tackle client projects. I'll include items such as tips/tricks, did-you-know articles, troubleshooting/testing examples as well as posting samples solutions and explanations behind our experience working with XMOD and jQuery functions, PageBlaster, ZLDNN Article, and other modules/elements.

If you would like to see us tackle a topic, especially anything out of the forums that could use further examples, please, don't hesitate to email me, and I'll look into preparing it for a blog post.