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Using Your Form

Your first-form building project series focusing on using XMod Pro's Form Building tools. 2 - Learn to Configure your form to Use it.

By: Kelly Ford On: 05/12/2013

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Now that we've created our basic Contact form, we need to configure our XMod Pro module to use it. The process is simple...

  1. From the Actions menu, select Configure.

    DotNetNuke 7
    The XMod Pro Configure Menu in DNN 7

    DotNetNuke 6

    XMod Pro Configure Menu in DNN 6

    DotNetNuke 5

    XMod Pro Configure Menu in DNN 5
  2. This brings up XMod Pro's Configuration page for the module. Here you can tell XMod Pro what form and/or template to use, set any module-specific settings, enable non-template security, and check the installed XMod Pro version number. In this lesson, though, we'll just set the form.

    XMod Pro's Module Configuration Page

  3. XMod Pro has an option for you to share your forms and templates across portals on your site. That's what the "Global Templates" and "Global Forms" means. Since we're working with a form we've created just for our current portal, we'll select "ContactUs" from the Portal Forms drop-down. After you've done that, click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the form.
    Select ContactUs from the Portal Forms menu
  4. The page will postback and you should see your form:
    The Contact form


Congratulations, you've just created and implemented your first form. In practice, the process takes a far shorter time than it took for you to read this article :)

Our form is functional but still needs some work to make it complete. We need to:

  • Add Validation to the form to ensure users fill out certain fields
  • Add email notifications to notify when someone submits a contact request
  • Style our Form to make it look prettier

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