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XMod Pro Module Kit - jQuery Image Slideshow Plugin: SlidesJS

As an example kit to show off the flexibility of XMod Pro templates when creating module items for DotNetNuke like an image slider, image gallery or slideshow, we have put together an example using our example data set and the popular jQuery image slider, SlidesJS.

Module Description:

A quote from their showcase website, describes SlidesJS as, "...a slideshow plugin for jQuery that is built with simplicity in mind. Packed with a useful set of features to help novice and advanced developers alike create elegant and user-friendly slideshows." - Oman Clark, SlideJS


It can be used to display any type of image gallery. There is no fixed limit to the number of images in the slideshow, as it will add icons/slides for every image returned in the recordset. Use this as a base code to create your own customized module or use it as a resource for tips and tricks for building your own XMod Pro solution!
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Example Frame

XMod Pro Module Kits

XMod Pro Module Kits: Notes & Instructions

  • XMod Pro demos and XMod Pro Module Kits are free for everyone to use! We have developed them to help share popular items and to help train users in the features and functionality of XMod Pro for creating custom module solutions for DotNetNuke!
  • This kit utilizes code and files from the SlidesJS jQuery image slider gallery from
  • To utilize this XMod Pro demo, simply download the Module Kit from the DNNDev Downloads section. Once you've downloaded the file, install it as you would any DNN module. Next, add the kit module to a page. Finally, click the module's "Finish Installation" button to complete the process. The result will be an XMod Pro module instance, configured to use the kits forms, templates, and feeds as needed.
  • Images such as the left arrow, right arrow and frame image can be customized and replaced with your own images. You may also download the full js/css/images from the source at SlidesJS.
  • For demo purposes, initial templates are set to reference the sample images stored on the DNNDev site. When ready to use, follow instructions in the code and edit the code (and feed) files to reference your DotNetNuke instance.
  • The jQuery involved with SlidesJS is compatible with all modern web browsers and with jQuery versions 1.4.4+.
  • This XMod Pro Module Kit features a Template for layout and a Form displayed in admin-only editor view.