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Custom Dataview - Twitter Datasource

  • Category: Template Controls
  • Developer: Moore Creative
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Release Date: Jun 01, 2014
  • Price: $45.00

Ever wish you could use XMod Pro with other data sources? Now you can read and display data from Twitter with this custom datasource!

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MC Custom DataView for XMod Pro - Twitter Timeline

The Custom DataView Twitter Timeline allows users to display a twitter feed in your DotNetNuke pages. 
Benefits & Features: We developed this custom datasource for Twitter so that we could use XModPro-managed code to display a feed of tweets. This can be used as-is for a long or short column of recent tweets, or it can be combined with jQuery and CSS in a social widget, slider, etc. Remember, because it's XMod Pro, you can easily edit and customize your module setup as needed!

  • Easy to Use - Just plug in your Twitter handle and the Consumer Key/Secret from your Twitter account. Once you setup with your account and keys, it will display your tweets in descending timeline order. This is a read-only, efficient datasource, intended to retrieve your tweets quickly, easily and cleanly.
  • Reads in Records like a Database! Read Twitter posts (tweets) into XMod Pro just like any other data source. Set display count variable to read top 1, top 5 or 10, unlimited tweets, etc.
  • Data is Page Rendered – Unlike traditional feed and twitter modules which use a client-side script to fetch and load info, this Twitter Custom DataView for XMod Pro renders the text content as part of the page data just like other data/records, not after page load. This gives the page full Google search credit for the indexed content.
  • Fully Customizable Design & Layout – You have control over the full layout code, structure, setup of hyperlinks, and twitter common actions reply, retweet, or favorite links. Full design control over XMod Pro template code and CSS to make your feed match your website.
  • Multiple Data Tokens Available - See the full list below for items such as Retweet Count, Favorite Count, etc. Can display profile images and usernames in tweet feeds and more!
  • Works with many standard XMP functions such as pagination, xmod:select for filtering/if-case-else actions. Can be combined with show/hide actions and CSS to display some records, all records, scrolling lists of records... it's up to your imagination!