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XMod Pro 4.9 Released

We just released version 4.9 of XMod Pro - the Markdown edition. Read on to discover what we've added!

By: Kelly Ford On: 05/18/2020

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I'm really happy to let you know that we just released version 4.9 of XMP. It includes a brand new way to enter and display content with Markdown.

If you're unfamiliar, markdown is a plain-text way to create HTML content with a simplified syntax. For instance, if you want to add an H1 you would enter text like this: 

# Hello World

A bullet list would be like this:

* Item One
* Item Two
  * Subitem One
  * SubItem Two
...and so on...

This content can be typed into any plain text editor like XMP's <Textarea> form control or in Windows Notepad. In this release we've added a new form control: <Markdown>. It provides a multi-line text input control similar to <Textarea> but it adds syntax coloring for markdown, making editing more pleasant and coherent. You do not need to use the new <Markdown> control. You can use any control that allows text entry.  

The real magic happens when that content is rendered out to the page. For that we've added a new template tag: <xmod:Markdown>. Using it is quite straightforward. Simply put your markdown content between the opening and closing tags like so:

You can simply type markdown text:

# I'm an H1 Tag
## I'm an H2 Tag
* List Item 1
* List Item 2

Or pull that markdown content from a database query. This example assumes the article's Body field contains.



We also tweaked an annoying issue with the Inline Editor on DNN 9.0 and later. The Persona Bar would overlap the editor's pop-up window. Also, the success or error message that appears when saving your changes has been moved and better colored to make it more visible and useful.

XMod Pro Changes

  • ADDED: <xmod:Markdown> template tag to render markdown-formatted content as HTML. The tag even has a Bootstrap property to add Bootstrap-specific classes to the output if you're using that CSS framework in your skin.
  • ADDED: <Markdown> form control. The control is not required to render markdown using the <xmod:Markdown> template tag. However, it provides an attractive, syntax-highlighted editing environment complete with line numbers (should you want that).
  • FIXED: Inline editor is no longer over-lapped by the Persona Bar in DNN 9.2+.
  • FIXED: The Inline editor's success message is now displayed to the right of the dialog buttons. You no longer have to scroll down to see it.
  • POSSIBLE BREAKING CHANGE: Only applies to very old DNN implementations. XMod Pro now requires .NET 3.5 or later for DNN versions lower than 9.2. Practically speaking, this should not affect most users since DNN has been requiring .NET 3.5 since version 5. If you are running DNN 9.2 or later, XMP still requires .NET 4.5 or later.

XMod Pro v.4.9 is now available in our downloads section. Existing customers with an active subscription as of May 18, 2020 can use it for free. Otherwise, you should renew your license before installing.