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Editing Fiddles

Learn how to Create and/or Edit your Fiddles in these step-by-step instructions.

By: Melinda (DNNDev) On: 08/02/2013

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Many of you have noticed that your Fiddles code sometimes changes when it is posted. This happens with SQL-related code or keywords.

This article shows you how to quickly edit your Fiddles.

All Fiddles that you create will be located under your user Profile where you can access your Fiddles at any time.


  1. Login to DNNDev.com and go to My Profile

  3. Select Manage My Code Fiddles

  4. Click on the Edit button to edit your Fiddle

  6. Make your changes to the Fiddle, then select Update


You are DONE and your Fiddle code has been Updated.


NOTE: When you Initially post a question, in the Answers, Discussion, or Ideas sections, you will be unable to add a Fiddle


The "Add Code Fiddle" button only becomes available when you "Add an Answer" or "Add a Comment" to an Answer, Discussion, or Idea to a question.


WAIT - Sometimes, the "Add Code Fiddle" button does not show up when I select "Add an Answer" or "Add a Comment"


When you come across this issue, you can workaround this by Creating a New Fiddle using MyFiddles.


To Create a New Fiddle:

  • Make sure you are logged into our site.
  • Go to your My-Fiddles page: http://dnndev.com/Fiddle/My-Fiddles.aspx.
  • Then, Create your new Fiddle
  • Copy the Fiddle URL
  • Paste the Fiddle URL into the Answer, Discussion or Idea comments/answers box.


You can read about code Fiddles here: Fiddles - What the heck are Fiddles?