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XMod Pro 4.5 has been Released!

Exciting news for all you XModders! We are happy to announce the release of XMod Pro 4.5 - a new feature release.

Changes and Fixes:

  • ADDED: SEO-Friendly Pager called "HyperlinkPager". Set the <Pager Type="Hyperlink" /> and it will use it, passing the page, search, and sort information via the URL. Note that each click on the pager is a brand new request of the server just like any HTML hyperlink. So other modules on the page may lose their state. This pager should be used if your priority is crawlable results.
  • ADDED: Manage Forms and Manage Templates grids now have a new column that shows whether a form/template is in-use on the site. This feature is not available for global forms/templates or for feeds.
  • ADDED: You can now have server-side-only comments. The syntax is: [-- your comment here --] Comments can span multiple lines and can comment-out server-side code. 
  • ADDED: Overridable <AddUser> error messages for: ErrMsgDuplicateEmail, ErrMsgDuplicateUser, ErrMsgDuplicateUsername, ErrMsgInvalidEmail, ErrMsgInvalidPassword, ErrMsgInvalidUsername
  • ADDED: Overridable <UpdateUser> error messages for: ErrMsgUserNotFound, ErrMsgInvalidPassword, ErrMsgOther
  • ADDED: Granular CSS classes to <Pager>. FirstPageCssClass, NextPageCssClass, LastPageCssClass, PrevPageCssClass, CurrentPageCssClass
  • ADDED: Encoding property to Feeds. It Defaults to UTF-8.
  • ADDED: Auto-generation of an OnClientClick delete confirmation dialog when generating a template.
  • ADDED: Auto-generation of an <xmod:ReturnLink> tag in DetailTemplates created by template generator.

  • FIXED: <SilentPost> tag only worked for logged-in users.
  • FIXED: <UpdateUser> tag had no <Property> child tag.
  • FIXED: <NoItemsTemplate> now respects permissions set in the <xmod:Template> tag. 
  • FIXED: "Item has already been added" exception when copying a page with XMod Pro on it. 
  • FIXED: Exception thrown when editing a record using a FormView if the value of a field was NULL.

XMod Pro 4.5 is now available for free download and installation from our Downloads page for our existing customers with active subscriptions as of March 7, 2014.

Thank you for your continued support of XMod Pro.

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So check out the new DNNDev University and the new DNNDev.com. Engage, learn, have fun... then go build something.

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